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  • Jezera, Murter – living and tradition

    The island in the northwest part of the Šibenik archipelago is separated from the mainland by a 20 m wide sea canal at Tisno which is spanned by a short draw-bridge. The town of Jezera is located on the southeastern coast of island Murter. The island has lots of rocky beaches, as well as several sandy ones.

    Legend of king Norin

    King Norin was so ugly that he hid his appearance from the world and let no one see him. Being a freak with an odd face and hairy body, he ordered a barber to come once a week and take the hair off his body after which he would decapitate the barber.

    Men who changed the world

    Lika has given us a genius without which we would live in dark - Nikola Tesla. In this video you can see his birth house in Smiljan, which is now a Memorial Center. And do not miss how few strangers sing Ojkan - the oldest way of singing in Croatia. :)

    Wines of Zagreb County

    To all wine lovers (or wannabes), here's what Zagreb County has to offer - great wines from family wineries.

  • Your Life is Full of Croatia

    Four amazing things that you didn't know about Croatia.

    A short break in hotel Osijek

    The road took us to Osijek. This time on business.

    Legend of St. John of Trogir (Cape Planka)

    Cape Planka is one specific place in Rogoznica, a natural phenomenon. This point divides the sea and the air - it geographically divides the Adriatic Sea on North and South part, but there's also a direct fight of the North and the South wind in the same spot. But there's also a legend attached to that Cape and its wild sea...

    TouristarTV's Top 11 Croatian Sceneries

    We traveled through Croatia intending to discover all of her beauty unknown to the world. We have selected some of them and we could say that these are some of our favorites. If you are near by, visit them this summer. Or at least share them on social networks. Here's the list, in order from north to the south.

  • PRO-E-BIKE project

    Zadar became a pilot city for the use of electric bicycles and scooters.


  • Nearly Zero Energy Hotels

    You thought that Nearly Zero Energy Hotels didn't exist? Well, think again...


  • Wine and book

    Although the Workshop Wine and book was almost a month ago, today kinda fell into place to write this blog. Probably because it's raining today so I want to hide under a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine. Likely with the book "Dinner" of which Alis talked about on that evening gathering.


  • Croatia at the dinner table

    Of which can you be full-fed when you visit Croatia, read in this article...


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