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Foreign tourists and journalists through their direct experience build Croatia’s brand image

Touristar.tv is launching a unique project, which is going to offer foreign, but also domestic tourists an insight into all the beauty Croatia has to offer, by using the latest technologies and channels of communication.

Today, on 26th May, 2013, at a media conference at the NovaMed Health Centre, 23 Veceslava Holjevca Street, Zagreb, Croatia the project DISCOVER CROATIA –EXPLORING ROUTE, has been launched with the support of the various tourist boards, with the aim of presenting what Croatian tourism has to offer, in a unique way by using the latest technologies and channels of communication. The conference was streamed live and available to the wider audience at the webpage www.touristar.tv.

The entire project was conceived as a show to follow tourists through Croatia, while they explore attractions that give a complete picture of Croatian cultural heritage and a rich offer of what Croatia can provide to tourists: beauty of nature, history, gastronomy and all this through an adventurous spirit and a desire of exploring new cultures.

Five tourists, journalists and bloggers, one each from France, Spain, Brazil, US and Finland are invited as participants to discover Croatia, not to mention that the show is hosted by the famous multi award winning journalist and producer Ashley Colburn, who won an Emmy for her show WOW Croatia.

Lea Brezar, whose idea created the project, who is also the director of Dhar Media, a full service communications agency specialising in sustainable communications in tourism presented the project. Lea highlighted the fact that the idea behind the project came about while travelling through one of the many beautiful destinations in Croatia and while shooting ˝Behind the Camera˝ with Ashley Colburn. ˝The love that this young lady gifted to Croatia made us think about the importance of creating destination ambassadors for Croatia, therefore we decided to invite several foreign journalists on a completely new kind of journey and give them 100 positive reasons to talk about us˝, Brezar pointed out.   Presenting added value in the promotion of the entire project over the internet, Lea Brezar explained, ˝We hope to cause a viral spread of the produced materials via the Internet, which will then continue to tell the story that we summarized in this slogan:   “Croatian Regions Of Adventure, Travelling, Imagining, Attractions”, emphasising the fact that the slogan aimed at foreign tourists hides the name Croatia in it.

Shooting of the first part of the show will be done during September of 2013 on the following route: City of Zagreb, Zagreb County, Lika- Senj County, Sibenik – Knin County, City of Split, City of Sinj, the Makarska Riviera and Dubrovnik – Neretva County.

During the media conference, the show’s host Ashley Colburn appeared live via Skype „I am happy and look forward to be able to present my favourite country to journalists from other parts of the world. Even though I’ve already shot throughout Croatia, I know that with this opportunity I will also be able to discover some new places and that’s why I really look forward to this trip“, concludes Colburn.

The show will be available free at www.touristar.tv  with the possibility of complete free sharing on all social networks without limitations.  You will be able to follow the course of the show on social network channels – You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.  The entire process of development will be available to all, as well as having the participants regularly report on their experiences using social networks.