Five books, five types of wine, five women and five lively dreams, hotel Balatura

Five books, five types of wine, five women and five lively dreams in hotel Balatura having an evening of wine and book

One pretty chilly day in Zagreb ended by a trip to Kvarner, a place called Tribalj where, not far from a Tribalj lake and promenade, hidden from view a magical family hotel Balatura is located. My friend, a very special woman who, in virtual world, gathered 150.000 book lovers in just two years, told me about it. The lady invited me to hotel Balatura, on a function „Book and wine“ where I’ve, among other things, presented my new book, my little handbook titled: „YEAH, SO?“. Her name is Alis Marić, who turned the love for books into business. And of course she was the one who, in her creative book vibe, found this special place: hotel Balatura – a literary hotel in a village nearby Rijeka. It’s a hotel with a real story to tell and a visible soul, if you ask me.

An old house, which owners decided to adapt into a hotel, once was just a building of rocks, in ruins, and today it’s a warm nest for book lovers which is run by a second remarkable woman that evening, Anne-Kathrin Godec together with her family – husband and five sons. 🙂 In hotel Balatura, every room is called by a self-sown plant typical for Croatian seaside. Sage, lemon, lavender in a stone palace decorated in rustic style. Stone floors and walls, green blinds on windows, one of the most comfortable beds that I ever slept in and a scent of lavender which sways you the moment you step into the courtyard.

The brilliant thing was the fact that Balatura is a vegetarian hotel. For the first time, after a long time, I wasn’t speaking in some other language, while other guests at my table were having fun discovering unusual flavors of „new“ dishes.

After dinner, we went down to the cellar (tavern) where the evening „Book and wine“ was held by the guidance of Alis Marić and Jelena Šimić Valentić, the sommeliere, the third lady who led this night with her own interesting knowledge of wines and who passed on her own love toward that magical nectar in her own charming, spontaneous and interesting way. She was the third woman that night who reminded me that you must fight for your dreams no matter how difficult it is. Jelena recently started her own crown funding company in Croatia so she could start her own first „wine boutique“. In only a week she managed to do, as she says, the impossible – the thing that no one around her didn’t believe that she could. Through social networks, her company spined like a tern and stopped on a dazzling number of 120.000 kuna. Way to go, Jelena!

Besides the books of foreign authors which Alis presented that evening, sitting opposite to me, was the „wild“ lady, a young woman who’s in many ways special. I’d like to point out that she had, in spite all the rules and by remaining who she is, won not only Croatia but the region as well with her books. The book „Fucked by your ego?“ left a mark on the literary scene in 2015, and the book „Wild woman“ was let to wonder these parts inspiring many like her, or inspiring woman who want to return to their true self and stand as real fighters with both feet on the ground, knowing what they want and where they need to go. „The book of love and comfort“, by Ingrid Divković, inspired Kvarner as well that night.

And now, as Alis says „sugar on top“! And I’ll say as a joke… My book which I presented that night was on ‘world premiere’, as Anne-Kathrin Godec said. And it was, in its own little format. 11×16 cm, a book even for the smallest purse, but a big format for my hearth. On about 100 pages I’ve gathered my life experiences which will, I hope, inspire you to stand up after life has broken you. Put on a bandage, take a deep breath and spread your wings again. And, in doing so, don’t think about what was in the past, but where you’re going to go, having only one thought in mind: YEAH, SO?

Reading from my book that night, I felt gratitude because I got the chance to present it right here, next to my book family and next to a woman who gave wings to my books only by talking about them on her blog Read a book, next to Alis.

P.S. Watch our video, just to get a feeling how it was.