Legend of St. Paul

A legend that unites St. Paul’s travels, shipwrecks, fisherman, Church of St. Paul and island Mljet. Interested? Bet you are… so hurry and watch the video!

According to various sources which mention the travels of St. Paul, during his sail across the Adriatic he was shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted, wooded and unknown island full of snakes – Melita.
The ship was marooned on a small sea rock, which the natives of Mljet call the Rock of St. Paul. Fishermen still believe that they must pass through the strait of St. Paul before going fishing in order to have a good catch.
In the area of Crkvine, there are excavations of unknown stone wall for which people believe it is the foundation of the Church of St. Paul. (See Discover Croatia video on the island of Mljet.)