A short break in hotel Osijek

The road took us to Osijek. This time on business.

After a week and a living pace, sometimes you just need a little rest. And then you go to Slavonia. It fascinates you with its peace. Long Slavonian plain and then it starts to rain. In the evening, a glass of Traminac, my favorite wine, with flavor of a rose with mushroom risotto a la carte in the Winter Harbor (Zimskoj luci). Those who know, will recognize the restaurant at Hotel Osijek.

I must say that I love slight bustle of the larger hotels. Even if you’re alone, you’re not. And Slavonians are known for their wide smile, at least my experience says it.

Of course we took the camera, only to capture the moment, one Friday and one Saturday. After some funerals and weddings, which we didn’t go to, we managed to go to lunch. Batrac Robert, if my memory serves my right, and as Sandra says, director of the hotel: “When he’s in the kitchen, and I don’t ask what’s on the menu.” I didn’t either. They announced demanding vegetarians. And now, during  the break, I’m waiting hungry to see what he had prepared.

Until then I drink coffee, Stretto, whose design cups came from our agency, as the team recorded the hotel with a drone and it felt like home.

And the video will discover what was on the menu.

Well, that’s Slavonia.