A story about St. Ilar and Dragon

According to the legend, there was a dragon named Voaz, who dwelled in this area, in the cave of Cavtat called Šipun.

Legend of St. Ilar

According to the legend, there was a dragon named Voaz, who dwelled in this area, in the cave of Cavtat called Šipun. The dragon was evil and the local people prayed to St. Ilar to free them from this misery. St. Ilar went to the cave Šipun and by the power of God’s will he ordered the dragon to leave with him. He raised his hand and a path opened up through the sea so he took the dragon across dry land towards Mlini. He ordered to the people of the town of Mlini to make a large bonfire on the coast on which he burnt the dragon. To thank him, the people erected a church on the location where St. Ilar burnt the dragon, making him thus the patron saint of Mlini. The large church tower bell dedicated to him bears an inscription saying: “I tell to the people that you, St. Ilar, destroyed the dragon of paganism. MCMXXV”.