Castle Benkovic – breathtaking fortress

In between Bukovica and Ravni Kotari, halfway between Nin and Knin, at the crossroad of many important paths that have historically led traders and travelers through this region, on a hill above Benkovac there lies Castle Benkovic.

This fort holds an interesting history and patiently awaits visitors to tell them its tale. There are many visitors who hear its story because nobody will pass by this magnificent cultural and historical monument in Benkovac and not take a walk round its walls.

Benkovic castle is a simple stone defensive building consisting of a tall rectangular tower which expands in a bell form in its basis, and a rectangular courtyard. The corners of the courtyard walls are reinforced with two round towers upgraded during the Turks in the 16th century. Written sources and analysis show that the castle was built in the 15th century. It was most likely founded by the member of a Croatian family Benkovic, which was first mentioned in 1468. Until the danger of war passed Castle Benkovic had a defensive role, shortly after it became a residential area, and then public ownership. Today, Benkovic castle is used by Benkovac Heritage Museum.

Castle Benkovic is the center of cultural life in the town of Benkovac. The castle area makes a perfect stage for various events that rejoice many visitors who enjoy the magnificence of its space that leaves you breathless.

There is a spectacular view from Castle Benkovic and if you get a chance to visit be sure to do so because you wont regret it. The view alone is worth the visit and and Castle Benkovic offers you so much more than that 🙂