Legend of St. John of Trogir (Cape Planka)

Cape Planka is one specific place in Rogoznica, a natural phenomenon. This point divides the sea and the air – it geographically divides the Adriatic Sea on North and South part, but there’s also a direct fight of the North and the South wind in the same spot. But there’s also a legend attached to that Cape and its wild sea…

In the oldest part of the Croatian coast, Cape Planka, there is a natural dividing line between the Adriatic’s winds and currents which makes the sea dangerous for ships. Of course, this was not beneficial for the sailors who sailed the sea but in spite of that, on one occasion, during a shipwreck, a miracle occurred. Whilst walking across the waters, St. John of Trogir saved the sailors and all the cargo on the ship, and they happily landed on the coast. As a sign of gratitude, a chapel was later erected at that exact location.