Vodice and Prvic Island

What does a parachute and water well have in common? Absolutely nothing :)! The first parachute ever built you can see if you go to Prvic Island, and you can make a wish in a well if you go to Vodice… so – go!

Nearby the city of Šibenik, a little town called Vodice is situated. Vodice in translation literally means „little water“. It makes sense because the town is filled with water wells – more than 50 wells throughout the whole town. All that fresh, clean water just 25 meters from the sea – well, that’s interesting. And, did you know that Croatia has its own Leonardo Da Vinci? Well, his name was Faust Vrančić and he was an inventor and a great visionary. His biggest invention was a parachute which he tested himself at the age of 60! Can you even imagine that? And it worked, luckily :). All that, and his other great inventions you can see at the Memorial Center Faust Vrančić  at the Island of Prvić, which is an Island opposite to town Vodice.

Croatia if full of many great men, which enriched Croatian history with their inventions – that made our hearts and lives full of pride. To make your minds and lives full of Croatia, watch our video about all great Croatian inventors – Your life is full of Croatia.