Wine and book

Although the Workshop Wine and book was almost a month ago, today kinda fell into place to write this blog. Probably because it’s raining today so I want to hide under a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine. Likely with the book “Dinner” of which Alis talked about on that evening gathering.

I don’t know much about wines, I’m a total amateur. My top is the awareness that the older wines taste better, and that I would rather drink white. 🙂 But to participate in this workshop “Wine Workshop Wine & Book” by Jelena Šimic Valentić and Čitaj knjigu (Alis Pečarić Marić) you don’t need any foreknowledge.
Jelena and Alis had an interesting way of linking four books with four types of wine. Jelena is a wine artist who introduces you to the world of wine through tastes, smells and colors in your glass while Alis widens your horizons by luring you to peek into the world of interesting book heroes that she presented that night without revealing their secrets and unraveling events from the book:

“List of my desires” by Gregoire Delacourt, ALGORITAM PROFIL MOZAIK & Champagne Allouchery Perceval Champagne; champagne must be foaming when it is poured into a glass, and its qualities, among other things, are harmony, bubbles and durability.
“Dinner” by Herman Koch, ZNANJE & Christian Moreau Chablis, Burgundy; in the wine are hidden about 2,000 smells, gargling enhances the taste of wine and doing that we experience wine better.
“Prince Lestat” by Anne Rice, LUMEN & Amarone Masi Costasera Classico, Veneto; has long aging potential, it’s special and powerful.
“Neighbor” by Marina Vujcic, VBZ & Prosecco Hektorovich Tomić, Hvar; requires special climate and conditions that are not easy to find everywhere and is therefore sold in small bottles, this Prosecco is, to my taste, the winner of the evening.

For all rest, watch the video.