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About the project:

Touristar book

In 2009 the first edition of the Touristar book was published. In fact this was used to officially commence the project of branding Croatia. As the project development strategy had increasing needs and requirements, we rewarded the second edition of the Touristar book with a webpage TouristarTV.


During 2011 Touristar.TV raises the bar to a new level. Cooperation with American journalist and Emmy award winner for “WOW Croatia” Ashley Colburn was achieved through the project “Behind the Camera”, where one of our crews followed her while she was filming a TV show about Croatia, “Wonders of Croatia”.

Discover Croatia – Exploring Route

Discover Croatia – Exploring Route starts filming in September 2013. Five foreign tourists will get the opportunity to experience Croatia in a really fulfilling way. Croatian Regions Of Adventure, Traveling, Imagining, Attractions is the slogan for this show, with first letters making the word Croatia.

Creating of the Touristar Program

Touristar started with small steps as a book, which has gathered leading brands of Croatian tourism. Time has shown that that communication through only printed materials does not reach the intended recipient and achieve its goal. This why Touristar has evolved into Touristar TV followed by a project supported by tourist boards across Croatia.

Apart from branding, the TouristarTV team, together with our Consulting Company Ideja is working on a project called “Synergy”, which is essential for extending the tourist season and development of new projects.

Touristar is registered Dhar media`s brand.

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Web Editor

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