Book = beach = summer?

Summer is already widely accustomed, vacations are just around the corner – they are negotiated and contracted and dreams about good times are multiplying. The usual image of the first, rough drafts for the holiday. The second phase of planning, in addition to determining what to bring and deciding on that everyday, raw flow diagram includes a selection of books or book that we carry with us.


What to read?

Because, we all know what a typical day on the beach looks like. With a book in our hands, we’re laying on the beach and posing as lizards (which we’re not!) frying ourselves in the sun or, we tend to act as cautious ones (which we’re not!) lounging in the shade of some Mediterranean tree. Well, some of you would now noticed that some go to the beach with just a crossword or a newspaper, and it would be the truth – some of us do that. But the truth is also that a good majority of us still take somewhat ‘difficult’ reading – a book. Because, the holiday is an ideal time of year to make up for all the lost time during the year in the wonderful world of beautiful words and sentences… that society of imaginary, fictitious, foreign and comforting characters invigorates us and our tired and worn-out souls hungry for new energy and peace. Um, yeah. Recognized yourself? Oh yes you did… you did.

Well, if so, then why do we carry to the beach mostly (we applause exceptions) ‘easy’ reading, or as such books a fellow journalist in a critical article called Radler books? Admit it, the description perfectly describes the category of ‘light’ literature 🙂 … Why? Here’s why. Because we need to vent! Vent of brainstorming, thinking, life itself… So is there anything better than a simple introduction to the unreal world? Platonic flirtation with our basic need to read? And what’s wrong with that? Right, wrong, clearly wrong, but somehow we do not care for depth. I can understand those who think it is sad that during the year we don’t get to read literature that has something to “say”, from which we can learn something, which enriches our existence, for the holidays become the time to get some fast fix of words on paper into our system. Yeah, really sad. But, realistic. I ask you, how much time has passed since your last read a book? And, have you finished it? Ever? Well, yeah…

Stereotypes on the beach

But not everything is so sad. Funny moments are when you passing the beach look at the titles of the books that people read. You can see all kids of stuff… romance novels, mysteries, SF, westerns and even poetry. Erotic one, of course (it’s summer, no?!). And it’s funny how everybody always read their books the same way – so that everyone can see the book covers at any time, so you can find out what one is reading, because it is important. Obviously. In that way, you learn a lot about people. Just think about it…
If one reads a Romance novel it is certainly a woman of middle to „best“ years, most likely married, quite possibly a mother, most likely tired. The reader of Detective stories could be both male or female, of all ages (except puberty), married or single, a parent or not, probably tired. Those, however, who read Science Fiction certainly belong to the male population, from adolescence through „best“ years, most likely single, possibly a dad (but not sure) and are relatively tired. For Western’s another story. Must be male, from adolescence to old age, most likely married, quite possibly father or grandfather, certainly tired. Erotic poetry will not be commented, but the reader is certainly tired ;).
In the end, we will all agree, these stereotypes about people, don’t mean anything in real life. Because, to really know a person, you must first get to know them, to read them… Like a good book, right?


For those who like to read books (and not Radler books :)) on the beach, TouristarTV has prepared a real treat. This year, you can take to the beach one of our esteemed celebrated book writer Olja Savičević Ivančević. In cooperation with our dear people in Algoritam :), Touristar is donating two books titled Mamasafari and one book called Farewell, Cowboy. The only thing that you have to do is read the blog and give a brief comment on the topic of reading books on the beach – are you a beach reader, what do you prefer reading, what kind of books? The three most striking comments receive a book as a gift.

More about the author:

Olja Savičević Ivančević, is a writer and poet from Split. She is the author of numerous poetry collections, story books and novels. The manuscript “To laugh a dog” was awarded with Prozak, she won the first prize in Ranko Marinković Večernji list award for short story and an award Kiklop for the best collection of poetry, “The House Rules”. Novel ” Farewell, Cowboy ” was awarded by T-portal award for the best novel, and Slobodna Dalmacija Award for ArtsJure Kaštelan. Adio kauboju_RGB-1000Based on the novel, a theater play was made. She is also included in the domestic and foreign selections and anthologies. She has won international literary scholarship International Writing Program at the University of Iowa and scholarships in Istanbul European network for the promotion of literature Traduki. She writes columns in newspapers and portals, collaborates with theaters as the author of songs and play adaptations. She lives and works in Split as a freelance writer.