Croatia has it all the best!

Holiday season is approaching, and you want us to give you a reason to travel to Croatia? Well maybe you should spent your holidays in Croatia because here is located the smallest cathedral in the world, because Croatia has the most beautiful beaches in the world, or perhaps because in Croatia is the best camp for nudists for 2015? All this is proven, recorded and written down! And you know what they say; be careful what you wish for, because it could be filed. So here you go, your reasons to travel to Croatia:


The most beautiful city on the island

Trogir (VIDEO) – to this medieval city belongs the name one of the most beautiful cities on the islands around the world. Life on the island is a special experience, and while you don’t taste it you won’t know what it is about. Title one of the most charming towns on the island went to our jewel of Renaissance architecture on the Dalmatian coast, which is blessed with beautiful nature, beautiful blue sea and simple way of life.

The most beautiful beach of the world

On the island of Brač (VIDEO), one of the biggest and the sunniest Croatian island there is a beach which has several times been listed among the most beautiful in the world – Zlatni rat. That beach is special because it changes shape with the tides, it’s surrounded with unique beauty of the sea and the green forests of pine and oak. Brač island which has the most sunny days a year, apparently has enough shade for hiding from the summer heat too.

The most preferred destination in Europe

Among many European destinations that promise a good time, and without being able to spend a large sum of money, includes a city of northwestern Croatia – Varaždin. The historic city with enviable natural environment and diverse culinary delights is a city that has a rich culture and makes an ideal weekend destination throughout the year, and at the same time one of the top destinations in Europe.

The largest oak in Europe

If you visit Croatia, with a trip to the heart of Slavonia, you will have the opportunity to see how their place in the flat district found a jungle on which a man hasn’t affected more than 80 years. Croatian rain forest consisted of trees of oak, beech and hornbeam, is a special reserve of forest vegetation Prašnik near Nova Gradiska. However, it is special precisely because there is still growing the largest proud oak in Europe with a symbolic name (CR)Oak (translated in Croatian – HRast).

Fairy tale fortress

If you believe in fairy tales you will be delighted with Croatia, and if you recently  stopped believing  it you will probably change your mind soon. Croatia is a destination rich in historic buildings that besides its beautiful lines hide interesting stories, a mysterious and isolated places make them more desirable for views. Fortress Ključica (VIDEO) called yet and a queen of Čikola canyon is one of the most mystical places of our country, a medieval fortress although abandoned is eager human sighs at her magnificent physique of white fortress.

The most beautiful little city in the world

On the island of harmony and beauty, the island of Brač, which is known for its hardworking and thrifty population, which represents a unique cultural – historical area, there is a place called Pučišća. A place Pučišća on Brač is Croatian destination that can brag with the title of one of the most beautiful small towns in the world. Although it is full of untouched nature, uniqueness and historical and cultural heritage, Pučišće is more known as the place of production of the highest quality construction stone in the world. And that it is the best confirms the location where stone from Brač (VIDEO) is found (the White House in Washington).

Croatia has a top Mediterranean destination

There are only a few of those who are asking the question where is the best place to travel in summer time, because we all know the answer to that question is – to the sea. The only difference is in the area and personal affinities. And only a few will continue to breathe normally after visiting Croatian city Dubrovnik. One of the most beautiful cities in the world and among the most popular tourist destinations of the world, under the protection of UNESCO, is the city Dubrovnik (VIDEO), city full of beautiful architecture, beaches and landscapes that will leave you breathless.

The most expensive cities of the world

When you live in a city in one way is popular to characterize it as expensive to live. Most often it is not far from the truth. Projection on a portal ‘Price of travel’ offered tourist categorization of cities around the world by rate of most expensive in 2015, and the result gave the following response – taking into account certain parameters such as price beds in more expensive and cheaper hostel, meals or by public transport, on the scale of cheaper to more expensive, and between a total of 130 cities, the city of Zagreb (VIDEO) has found its place in the place number 43, Split (VIDEO) is 59, and Dubrovnik (VIDEO) is at number 106. Cheaper of Croatian capital is Budapest, Warsaw, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Bucharest then Saigon and Kiev.

The most romantic city in Europe

You are a romantic soul so only romantic destinations come into consideration for a holiday destination. Understandable. Croatia can be proud to have one of the most romantic cities in Europe. In the opinion of the portal ‘European best destinations’ Croatia quotes well in the selection of the best places for love souls. On the scale of the most romantic cities, Nin has taken place under number 6. The oldest Croatian royal town, of exciting history and beautiful present has been included among the 10 most attractive symbols of happiness. It is filled with healing mud, rich with millennia-old tradition, and if you touch the thumb of the statue of Gregory of Nin – like the story says – you ensured your luck. So it’s no wonder it is so loved by couples in love 🙂

The most romantic island in the world

In Pašman channel between the island of Pašman and Turanj is located the most romantic island in the world. Island Galešnjak. This small island enviable title is better known because of its shape. Namely, 2008. Google has with Google Earth called it as one of several natural phenomena in the form of heart. This beautiful island is ”floating” in Croatian waters and anchoring in the hearts of every visitor.

The volcanic island

Small and beautiful, and amazing Croatia. Surely you did not know that Croatia has a volcanic island. The rocks of the island of Brusnik, which is of volcanic origin, is a monument to the beautiful nature. Hardened remains of lava on the slopes of the island does not violate the wonderful treasures of the area that nature selflessly gave us, but proves the opposite – that nature in Croatia is miraculous 🙂

The smallest cathedral in the world

The smallest cathedral in the world is located in small Croatian town Nin. City – the cradle of the Croatian state has a rich cultural heritage and historical heritage, but also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The city is full of interesting stories, and many will call it a special place where joy does not stop lasting.

Nudists corner

On the eternal controversy – beach for nudists, yes or no, and on comment are Croats a conservative nation – we respond with nudist camp 🙂 Valalta in Rovinj was declared the best nudist camp in the world for 2015. But to be clear, the west coast of Istria and Rovinj known as the Pearl of the Adriatic with a special charm even before this camp was leaving visitors without comment. Can you say now that Croatia doesn’t have the best of everything? 🙂