24/09/2013 – Simply unbelievable

Without a doubt last week I had the honour of getting to know some of the most beautiful and charming cities I’ve ever seen during my travels, such as Dubrovnik and Split.

In the last few days I’ve definitively fallen in love with this country, Croatia.

I love everything that those cities have to offer, they are so beautiful and hospitable and offer different plans, possibilities, activities which you can enjoy.

The city of Split is a real architectural gem to such an extent that this city was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The streets of Split and the old town are simply magnificent. I liked all the street stands where I can find all kinds of goods being sold: Fruit, fish, clothes, necklaces, bracelets, etc. This gives a special feel to the town centre. It was very enjoyable and nice to walk along the streets the entire morning and to experience the atmosphere of this city and its residents. All central streets have a special charm. Walking along them I never knew where to look first, everything looked so delightful.

The crystal clear sea and the big harbour were also very interesting for me. Amazing buildings which surround the main promenade, which is wide itself is full of cafes and terraces where you can have a drink and it all makes it a fascinating place to take a stroll and enjoy the glorious sea view.

The most beautiful place in the city, apart from the amazing, impressive old town, is also the place which considerably drew my attention and that is the home of the most famous and recognised Croatian artist: Ivan Meštrović. Apart from the inner beauty of this place, the most exciting and unbelievable view of the sea is from the place where the house sits as well as the striking main entrance. Quite impressive.

Dubrovnik is also by no means less interesting. This city is known as the „Pearl of the Adriatic“ or „Dalmatian Athens“. Modern day Dubrovnik is surrounded by walls and fortifications and is located in the foothills of Srđ hill, which descends steeply into the Adriatic.

The old town is incredible. Probably the most beautiful than any other I’ve seen. In it you can find great monuments, fortifications, walls, houses, charming streets, shops, cafes, restaurants, mountains and amazing sea of incredible colour. What more could you wish for? I’ve heard many great things about this city, but I’ve never actually imagined it would be so truly stunning until I saw it with my own eyes. I would absolutely love to live in a city such as Dubrovnik and I could never get tired of it, it simply has everything you would need.

Even though this city is pretty incredible when you walk through it, it’s by no means less impressive when you look at from the sea. We sailed on the deck of a pirate ship with the intention to explore the pristine Adriatic Sea. I observed the city with utter fascination from the open sea. Landscapes were like from a dream. The way in which we approached the city and its walls and fortifications was sublime. Also, during this incredible day we spent at sea, we saw its islands and we even stopped at some of them such as on Šipan, where we had lunch and on Lopud island. Both are very gorgeous.

We also visited many interesting places around Dubrovnik such as Ljuta River, the fortress in Sokol city and Cavtat. We are now in Mlini where we arrived three days ago and are staying at the Lantoni residence, an awesome place with a sea view, very comfortable and pleasant place which makes you feel like you’re at home.

Definitively a few more days to add to the memories of time spent in Croatia.

From Croatia with love, Ana.