28/09/2013 – Croatia, thank you for everything, see you soon!

Goodbye Croatia and see you soon!

Despite seeming unbelievable, I have to say with great sadness that the adventure is over. It seems like yesterday when my plane landed from Barcelona into Zagreb, when I first came to Croatia full of restlessness, enthusiasm and a wish to be a part of this team. It seems like it has only been a few hours since I’ve met all the people who accompanied me during these unforgettable days.

Those days full of unique moments, which I will carry with me throughout my life and which, of course, I will never forget. Behind us are 24 days of adventure, mountains, lakes, rivers, nature parks, boat rides, beautiful islands, idyllic beaches, amazing cities, sunsets, sunrise and countless places and people who were part of this fascinating project.

However, all good things come to an end, and so time has come to return home. I wish to thank everyone who has made possible and who has participated in the „Discover Croatia“, and those who have given me the opportunity and showed me in a special way how beautiful this country is. Big thanks to those people who allowed me to enjoy in so many beautiful places during these days, for the way they treated me, for giving me the opportunity to learn so much new from this experience and for contributing so many wonderful things professionally and personally.

I leave Croatia, but I return home with thoughts and a heart full of memories, images, feelings, experiences, smells, tastes, emotions and friends who will be beside me regardless of where I am in the world and of course with a wish to find some free days to return again and enjoy this beautiful country and its people.

Croatia shines with a unique shine and I could never imagine that shine to have so many colours.

Goodbye Croatia and see you soon!

From Croatia with love, Ana.