Everything you need for trip to Croatia and why

Finally you decided to forget about work, do the smartest thing and experience the journey of your life? After all you have finally decided to see our magic piece of the universe? Croatia – yes, that is country that you’ll never wish to leave. Never. Ever.

There is only few of those which face won’t light up only by thinking that the date of the annual travel is rapidly approaching, and those who won’t grumble forgotten curses and expresses widespread dissatisfaction due to packing suitcases. Regardless of all the clever tips and thoughts such as whether it is summer or winter, how long you plan to stay, whether traveling to sea coast or going hiking and if you are in top physical shape and if you’re round belly still hasn’t left you, packaging is always a unavoidable but also the most hated part of the trip. As you I too hate packing. Whether it is a trip for two days or a few weeks, horror follows me in an equal amount. And also, if you thought for a moment that I will ease your hassle of planing how to pack and the the act itself, I’ll have to disappoint you. If I knew any receipe, I would share it with you, but now I will just focus you on what you ”must have” and ” must do ”.
What it’s all about? My advice is based on the fact that you visit Croatia. Stop. Somehow I can not be separated from the thought that there is many of those who would underestimate piece of our country that we call home. Maybe because many still haven’t heard of Croatia, maybe because we didn’t promote well, perhaps because you don’t know where are we, and perhaps because you didn’t even bother google our country and all its charms ?! As you can do, for example, on portal Touristar.tv 🙂
Whatever it was, like a woman, a journalist, an editor, a resident of Croatia, traveler and fan of everything Croatian, either from my own experience, based on seen images, videos, tales or legends told by a third party I will call myself competent to advise you. I will not complicate, and advices I give in good faith:
1. Nowhere without a camera
Believe me when I say / write, Croatia is the country you didn’t expect to be amazed by. And in every sense of the word. Images that in your memory might fade, be ”runover” by other memories, your camera will record for a longer time period. Inevitable is the moment of understanding that in Croatia, in its landscape, the beauty and magic images you can miss only the film or memory on your camera.
2. Diet before traveling
Croatians are known as people who love to eat well, drink and sing. So when you read ‘diet before the trip” don’t think that we are all in great physical shape. In fact, my advice is something more realistic nature. The food here is so good and varied that you, for example, on a vacation in Dalmatia in the period of two weeks I anticipate you a secure 4 or 5 pounds more. And if you think that you will resist the offer, do not be fooled because when a Dalmatian prepares octopus, roasted lamb and potatoes by a man from Lika, and a native of Zagreb makes štrukle there’s no help for you 🙂
3. Let time stand still
If you have finally made the right decision and decided to visit our enchanting piece of the universe, make sure you have enough time to rest. Croatia is not one of those countries you can explore in only a few days. Please note, we possess untold amounts of spectacular scenery, fascinating destinations, secluded places, colorful legend and food, wonderful food 🙂 And for all to try and experience you will need time.
And to sum up at the end, you know where all this leads – it leads to the fact that Croatia is that country that you will not want to leave. Never! Ever! Because that’s what we call love at first sight.