Little bosses for a great holiday

Hence, the holiday! This, to me is the magic word, always in my mind painted in pink with a small dose of excitement and impatience. Ah, the holiday – I can’t wait! But since I became a mother, the idea that follows that first, stunning thought, is the reality – where to go for holiday so we can all enjoy?

IMG_6673.JPG edi
When I say everyone, firstly I mean my child, then the dog, and then my husband and myself. We are really less important … what is important is that we are on vacation. And that got me thinking: do all parents think the same when it comes to family holidays and whether the family holidays are really condemned to be primarily for children’s fun?

Children are influential
Such thinking preoccupied me so I decided to snoop around… and, behold, I came across a research that Daily News Travel International published about how children are actually “the one who decide” (or as they say ˝kidfluence“) where they will spend the summer vacation, who to bring, and what to do on their holiday. Little bosses, was my first thought … and then, I started thinking. Well that’s true, even when you organize a family trip, the first thing that crosses your mind is: are there any interesting content for children? … Oh God, even for a coffee date I think if there’ll be a place to change the baby’s diaper. What a wakeup call! Yes, children are influential – very influential.

Seek and you shall find
According to the survey, a large majority of respondents (85% of parents in America, 76% in England, 86% in France, 95% in Germany and 94% in Spain) give their children some say in deciding where they want to go for vacation. (Of course, this applies to children from 6 to 18. Toddlers can still be persuaded to go where parents want to go :)). And actually, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s OK. From the parents point of view, it’s a chance to involve the child in family decisions; it’s the excitement of planning quality family time, and finally, in addition to guaranteed fun, to learn something about the country, culture and customs of or the country you are visiting. From the child’s point of view, it’ll feel the excitement before every (next) trip that will stay for life in its mind and the love for travel and exploration will intensify. The memories that it’ll bring home, will be forever present. About who’s invited, parents and children disagree – parents would bring grandparents and children their friends. (No surprises there! :)) But as to whether to leave the pet at home or not, they all agree. The answer is no!
There is one part of the research that I’m just thrilled about. The part that confirmes my opinion about good news deserving to be head news on web portals, blogs (…) and that the little thing called love always wins: the fact that the most important thing to all respondents (parents and children), is that they are – together.