This is by no means an ordinary trip…

…however, seeing the story live or quite often being drawn in it by fantastic though amateur actors is worth every minute of this strenuous journey.

This is by no means an ordinary trip… you know, some people will convince you it’s better to stay at home and watch TV than to set off for a peregrination as a tourist. However, seeing the story live or quite often being drawn in it by fantastic though amateur actors is worth every minute of this strenuous journey. Yes, it is quite tiresome getting up at 6:30 am every morning, knowing that the chance of going back to bed before midnight is rather remote. And the journey through the legends of Croatia, across the vastness of the Adriatic and its islands, to their authentic location, lives in every one of us through what is yet to come and what we have already seen. Never in my life of traveller, and I have travelled more than half of the planet, have I had such a dynamic “adventure” showing not only Croatia in the best light possible (who says we only have sun and sea thrills to offer?), but also revealing the immense pride and love of people who have been taking part in performances of the legends in respect of what they do. These are not only tourist operators of smaller and larger towns but also volunteer singers and actors, as well as hosts of hotels, restaurants and apartments we stayed at. When one senses this energy, then it’s clear it will remain with us for a long, long time, if not for a lifetime.

And in order to share this with broader audience, we have our team. The team I mentioned in my first blog was gathered almost randomly but is comprised of the leading bloggers-narrators of our planet and a production team without which this journey would not be half as interesting. Zlajo is my man, a quiet, unpretentious cameraman with many technical talents…he will talk relentlessly of Apple devices until you stop him and when he doesn’t talk about technics then, with a right counterpart and a few inspirational people, he is one of the wittiest characters I have ever met. We’ve been travelling in two vans, kindly provided to us by our sponsor Zubak, and when we manage to set aside our perpetual feeling of sleepiness, we all strive to be where Zlatko Pavelic – Zlajo sits. Paul, the Englishman who understands enough Croatian, has already visited our “hot van” several times on account of tears and laughter. And the “cool van” is not bad at all, as it accommodates some pretty “cool” people; at least this is how they like to think of themselves :))) Slavisa and Lea in front, our navigators and bosses who have been “bossing” around rather fabulously. There is no situation they haven’t been able to solve and communication they have with us is so spontaneously tender and friendly that a manual “How to Manage People and Situations” should be written based on this.

I have to dash off now…I will leave this as a sneak preview of what is ahead of us. Greetings from the south!