Should I stay or should I go

The eternal question Should I stay or should I go – is applicable to all fields of our lives, in this case refers to a holiday. So, do we spend the summer in our beautiful country, to a yet unexplored territory, or set sail to foreign waters, new countries…

Mljet, Dubrovnik-Neretva County

Mljet, Dubrovnik-Neretva County

Well, the issue is completely in place. For those who do not like to travel, the answer is obvious – it makes them sick even thinking about it and when they have to pick a place where to spend their holidays, they usually leave the decision to partners, friends, relatives; and for those who like to travel, the question is in the right place, and the answer wonders around :). Yes, a big, big decision! Well, it’s nice to spend your holiday at home, on our lovely coast, discovering yet unknown places and to really be “close to home” (because you never know what might happen ?!), but it is also nice to have a real adventure and get to know some other country, customs, people… and then come home with a fistful of impressions and a head full of dreams.
The answer to this question is not easy, and those that ask themselves about it at least once a year, are faced with a bunch of sub-questions and concerns. Rightly! We scale everything we think is important to us, trying to make a realistic decision. But not everything is reality, because holiday happen’s once a year so let it be remembered… after good, of course :). We bring you tips that will, hopefully, ease this difficult decision. We approach this issue head cold, scientific, dissecting every aspect of the dilemma pro and cons.

Pro (staying for the holidays in Croatia):
– home is home
– traveling shorter than expected
– you travel in one vehicle (possibly two :))
– everyone understands you because because everyone speaks the same language (or at least its variants)
– eating food that you like, that you are used to (no surprises, please!)
– no foreign currency
– the availability of information is at a high level (business hours of banks, cafes, shops, restaurants are known to us, and we are not surprised by it because we are used to split shifts)
– you can always find something domestic… wine, brandy, smoked ham, sausage, cheese etc.
– unkindness of hosts is present but it doesn’t bother us because we are used to it
– nice, clear, calm sea (always!)
– undiscovered pearls of Croatian landscape
– beautiful islands (and we have plenty of those – really)
– tourist facilities (are getting better)
– sun, sun, sun

Cons (staying for the holidays in Croatia):
– other country – a new experience – a perspective on life
– learning (or deepening the knowledge) foreign language
– excitement that journey entails
– curiosity (and caution)
– resourcefulness to new terrain
– renew your map reading
– new stamp in your passport
– new ways of transportation plane / boat / train / car / underground
– meeting new people, customs and landscape of the country
– new gastronomy
– hospitality
– sometimes cheaper accommodation
– impressions, impressions, impressions

Did we help you? When you see the reasons for this in black and white, actually it all comes down to how much anyone is ready to set sail on the adventure… or how much one loves its homeland… and how much money can one spare… or how many children, pets one have… will, desires… dreams. Good luck!