Sparkles for hearts

I have many a time been asked “What was the highlight of this trip?” The trip itself was not unambiguous if you put it in the context of the legends.

I have many a time been asked “What was the highlight of this trip?” The trip itself was not unambiguous if you put it in the context of the legends. Travelling through history, to many different locations of the Croatian islands, coast and hinterland, travelling together with characters situated in authentic locations, this was all strongly lived and experienced. A trip which communicated with all of us on several levels, a trip during which our desire to listen to and understand myths and tales outweighed our need to sleep and rest. In this hectic pace, not to say a race from one location to the other, as the curiosity of us journalists/bloggers was massive, we strived to deploy all our senses to truly feel the legends which were told and represented through the artistic expression of proud actors and local inhabitans who became their integral part.

The idea of this project is to say the least brilliant. Never before has this been attempted in this form, let alone implemented. The Dhar media team deserves a recognition not only for this but also for stirring the spark in each and every little settlement and micro-location we visited, making these live matter, combining tolerance, friendship and veracity. We had a situation where people from two places were sworn enemies but then through the project Legends of Croatia they became one! I could not point out, to come back to the beginning of this blog, only one story – all those that touched my soul will stay with me for as long as I live. And there were so many. “If you plant 365 olive trees, you will get my daughter’s hand in marriage”, it was said on Kornati. And the young man really planted his 365 plants to win his beloved one. Or meeting on a basketball court a friend of Drazen Petrovic who told us a real legend, so much so that we were almost able to feel Drazen’s spirit with us. And the flutes…when these bamboo flutes grew from the hole in which the barber spilled the words of the story of the ugly and hairy king and played the truth – shivers went down our spines. A vast array of legends carved in our memory forever.

Thanks to Dhar media and the whole team, Legends of Croatia have entered the virtual world, for the whole planet to have a look at them. And if anyone ever wants to live what we have lived during this trip, each of these small communities in Sibensko-kninska and Dubrovacko-neretvanska counties will be more than glad to set the scene and repeat what they did in front of our cameras. Therefore, come to Croatia and use your own judgement of literary and drammatic values of the legends of Croatia and become a part of our beautiful country!

Igor Tomljenović