Spend your vacation on some of the most beautiful destinations in the world – in Croatia

The sun is teasing us for some time now, summer is approaching and so appear those sweet worries – where to go on vacation. Do not despair and beat your head with choices – it is sufficient to head to Croatia which dangerous opposes every interesting desirable world destination.

Foto: Touristar.tv

The sun is teasing us for some time now, summer is approaching and so appear those sweet worries – where to go on vacation. For all the lucky ones who with price or distance of the destination don’t have a problem, dilemma represents a number of attractive destinations all over our planet. Here I jump in to help you. Do not despair and beat your head with choices – it is sufficient to head to Croatia which dangerous opposes every interesting desirable world destination. For each of these locations we offer a replacement, or perhaps a better choice, in Croatia. But first things first.

England vs. Slavonia

All those looking for peace, greenery and relaxing holidays will pack up their bags and head towards some parts of England. Greenery and antique homes that provide calmness and relaxation for body and spirit, may look dull to someone but others will not be able to take their eyes off the delights of peace it gives. But why go to England, a country known for its changeable weather and the rain falling throughout the year, when you can go to wonderful flat Slavonia. Green fields, endless meadows and preserved forests, numerous rivers and streams and traditional hunting and fishing tourism provide ideal conditions for tourists who want to spend their vacation in peace and quiet.

Rural tourism away from the city noise different in every part of Slavonia provides a handful of interesting sites and events and one should only choose to his liking. You can spend your days in Kopački rit, walk through ‘Educational trails’ or take a boat ride through the wonderful world of the Danube valley. You can visit the castle Tikveš, Nature Park Papuk and Zoological Reserve, or simply enjoy the view of some of the existing haras. And if you want to stay breathless viewing some magnificent thing, visit a unique geological monument of culture – Rupnica – place of columnar secretion of volcanic rocks old about 70 million years, which leaves no one indifferent.

France vs. Makarska Riviera

Do you want a romantic stroll, countless sunny days, extraordinary views and beautiful blue sea? Thinking about the French Riviera? Wait a minute, we have something better for you – Makarska Riviera (VIDEO). Not only the sea is incomparably more beautiful blue color, it is also cleaner – this is certainly one of the most recognizable Croatian characteristics. Sunny days are numerous, and you can swim at the beaches and secluded romantic corners of beautiful Makarska. Whether you want a touch of antiquity, ancient settlements, rural architecture, taverns or element of modern a beautiful nature under the cliffs and slopes of Biokovo (VIDEO), you will find all over the Makarska Riviera – one of the most visited ”sea” destinations in Croatia.

Austria vs. Northern Velebit

Austria is famous for its mountainous region for which has become a destination for winter sports, but there’s seven more national parks and several dozen nature reserves. When not in season of winter activities Austrians will invite you to come to hike in beautiful scenery, ride a bike or simply merge with the natural environment. But we do not want you to merge, we want your adrenaline jump so high that you never forget Velebit. The diversity of karst phenomena, flora and fauna, reserves and Luke’s pit – one of the deepest pits in the world, have been parts of a special nature known under the name of Northern Velebit National Park. The image you with take with you from Premužić path – path that was built between the two world wars or the mountain lodge Zavižan over the Great Alan, will remain with you forever. The word to describe – magnificently.

Italy vs. Trogir

One city and township in Italy, located in the mountainous area is known for its unique buildings built of irregular limestone rocks. The particularity of white houses in the province of Bari will interest all those looking for a picturesque landscape of vacation destination. Right here and now I recommend a visit to Trogir (VIDEO). Fairytale stone streets and houses in the best-preserved Romantic – Gothic town will take you to the castle and towers and walls that protect the core of Trogir. A small town located in central Dalmatia, which was founded by Greek colonists is a desired destination because of its rich historical – cultural heritage, as well as adventure tourism. About its beauty testifies the given name – jewel of the Dalmatian coast.

Rhode Island vs. Rovinj

The coastal city of Newport, Rhode Island was once a major trading port, while today it is a summer tourist destination. Great beach with the most famous attraction of the city in the form of a 5.6 km long promenade along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the diversity of its streets and houses, sea motifs, boats and smell competes Rovinj. Pearl of the Adriatic, formerly an island, Rovinj has a special charm and is one of the most enchanting places in Croatia Istria. Often referred to as the ” Italian town in Croatia” not only it has a beautiful harbor, but also the longest promenade in Istria. So if walking is a recreation of your choice, be prepared to discover the magical images of this old town, beautiful romantic places and numerous Renaissance and Baroque monuments.

Croatia is an enchanting piece of land on our planet. Envious living space nearly five million people in one place has it all. Tradition, history, sea, beach, stones and elements of modern, good food and unforgettable story. All who visit it are eager to rerun, and its inhabitants are called the lucky ones. That this is indeed so, I certify 🙂 and claim – there will always be beautiful places around the world but only some are special and called home. It’s all Croatia!