Summer in the city

Suddenly – summer! Without an introduction, polite notice or at least alert – the summer appeared in one day. Suddenly – the green grass, blooming flowers, infernal heat, glowing asphalt. Suddenly – the summer came to town…

Wherever you go and whatever you do, the thought of summer persistently pops up like a yo-yo ball from the back of your mind to the conscious everyday. This is typical – a collective (unspoken) optimism on the faces of people, interrupted by sneezing caused by pollen (or other allergies), naked white, cheese like bodies passing (if they are lucky) on the shady side of the street, clammy skin and fingers, smelly sensations present every few steps successfully mixed with the smell of linden blossom and car exhausts, creating that warm and well-known scent of hot city summer… and it’s only June.

Mainly, it is the most beautiful period of the year because once you get out from work, another good piece of the day still remains. In fact, you can do anything you want… pick up your child from kindergarten – take a walk – go to the park – go shopping – get petrol – have a coffee in the city – go home to cook – go to school information – go to children’s school show – go to the dentist – go to cinema – go to training – go to meeting or just sitting on a bench in the park with a book in your hands. Aaww, sweet life! For our bodies must feel sun’s rays, absorb them with all its parts and lure good will to come to own us. It is interesting how the bad effect of the winter months should soon turn into a positive, right now… and it’s only June.

Now, we are all positive, but in a month or two we will be – nervous. This same heat will bother us, annoy us. Because we will not be able to survive without the airy and bright clothes (and scarce, of course), no air conditioning or at least a less noisy fan, no water – ice water, without a breath of wind, no life on the asphalt… so how do we hold on to a life in the summer in the city? Here are some reasons…

1. Driving is a dream
Summer is the perfect time to ride around the town. At any time of day you’re behind the wheel, it’s just lovely. No traffic jams, no angry drivers, no vulgar words, no delays. You enjoy the ride… even those by buses and trams. Pure pleasure!
2. Much happens
There are so many events in the city that you simply don’t know where to go first… life really thrives. Will it be theater, museum, cinema or just mingling through the city – the choice is yours. Maybe every day something else? Oh yes, it just needs to be well planned…
3. Everyone’s “high”
There’s something different about the behavior of people in the summer. And in the city it’s most visible – people are always smiling and in a good mood, well-dressed and open to any discussion. Yes, it seems that summer is the best drug.
4. Long days
It is interesting how much can happen in one day. In addition to the obligations, you still have lots of time to do all that you enjoy. And no matter that the heat slows you down, the days are simply longer. They go on and on, and you fill them up with content at will.
5. We feel easier
…because we consume lighter things. We take care of what we eat and drink that we wouldn’t feel heavily. You also let yourself to “sin” because it is – summer. And somehow, you just feel “easier” for it.
6. Everyone’s so beautiful
Young, old, male, female – people are just pretty in the summer. Lightly tanned (and dressed), relaxed and their smiles reflect real beauty – that of the soul.
7. After the summer always comes autumn
Enjoy the summer on the city asphalt whatever way you can, because in a few months all the magic will disappear – sunny-colored tones will be replaced by much grayer ones.