Take a look on which locations in Croatia we will film and a complete scenario of Discover Croatia – Legends of Croatia! Enjoy 😉

Monday 16/6/2014


09:00-10:00             On the boat around Žirje, with Mediterraneo Sub, filming

10:00-11:00              Story about Amphoras – Filming

11:00-12:00              Big Game Fishing – Filming

13:30- 15:30             Lunch at Tratinska Restaurant

16:00                          Story about Tower Gradina

00:00                          Walking through Žirje island with the tourist guide

21:00                          Tratinska apartments

Tuesday 17/6/2014


8:00-9:00                  On the boat to Murter

9:00-12:00                Kornati by boat and Filming the Legend about love

12:30                          Filming Colentum manifestation – Romans


14:00                          Lunch at Konoba “Kod ribara”

16:00-16:20              Viewpoint Sv. Costantine

16:20-17:00              Filming the Legend about Malaria

17:00-18:00              Legends about fairies

18:00- 19:00             Filming Cultural Arts Society on the Murtaric cliff, and legend about mermaids

20:30                          Check-in to Solaris

Wednesday 18/6/2014


08:00-09:00            Marta’s pit cave, filming the Legend

09:30- 11:00             Filming the “Nakić wedding” legend, story about haiduks

11:00-11:55               From Vinovo Gornje (Nakić wedding) to Drniš, then from Drniš to Oklaja – 10 minutes and then to Nečven town, 15 minutes by foot to Bogočin

11:55-12:55                Filming the Legend about Bogočin town

12:55-13:45               Little bit walking to Nečven and then filming the towers and short story about Nečven

14:30- 17:30             Lunch at stari Mlin

17:30- 18:30             Old village at Roški slap, filming neanderthals and the Legend about Breathness tower

18:30- 19:30             Visovac Monastery, filming a wedding from the Legend about The Tower of SighsAs – Asociation ŠUM, actors

20:00                          Dinner at Solaris

Thursday 19/6/2014


08:00- 09:00            Debeljak Hill – Madonna’s apparition

09:30- 10:30             Sv. Nikola’s Fortress – Legend about witches

11:30- 12:30              Famous legend – Dražen Petrović, Sport Center

13:00- 15:00             Legend about Johnny Restaurant Peškarija in the yard, while having lunch – Association ŠUM, actors

15:00- 15:45              On the road to Čikola canyon fom Ključica, Filming Čikola canyon


17:30                          Traveling to Knin

18:00                          Legend about King Zvonimir

19:00                          Tourist guide and all about fortress

20:00                          Dinner in the restaurant Tvrđava – in the fortress with flares

Friday 20/6/2014


08:00- 09:00            Legend about Dragon’s Eye

09:00- 10:00             Story about Cross

10:00- 10:15              On the road Rt Planka

10:15- 11:10               Legend about John of Trogir, miraculously saved sailors by walking on the water – filming


12:00-12:15              On the road to Primošten

12:15- 13:00             First filming of the wooden boats and rowing

13:00- 14:00            Filming the Legend about Queen Neda and gold coins

14:00- 14:45             On the boat to Primošten

15:00- 17:00            Lunch

18:00-20:00             Pirates on the boat, Press conference and party

Saturday 21/6/2014


20:00                          On the road to Smokvica

20:30                          Story about Gradina, Dinner at Smokvica, Check in to hotel Kokyra

Sunday 22/6/2014


08:00-9:00               Story about beautiful sea girl Nera and Antonio

9:00-11:00                Legend about Vilin Dol


11:30-12:00              On the road to Vela Luka

12:00- 14:30             Vela spila, filming Neanderthals, Tourist guide talking about Vela spila


15:00- 17:00             Lunch at Konoba Zaratak

17:30- 18:30             Making a traditional cake and filming the Legend about it

18:30- 19:30             Legend about Battle on Giča

19:30                          On the road to hotel Korkyra, Filming in the two hotels, filming sunset

Monday 23/6/2014


8:00- 9:00                 Filming Korkyra Hotel and checking out

09:00-10:00             Filming Korčula from boat

10:00-11:00              Legends about Crnomir Brothers, Čari village

11:00- 12:00             Argonaut legend in the magical wood with fairies

12:30-14:30              Lunch at Kanavelića dvori and story about it

14:30-17:00              Filming hotels and checking out

19:00                          Fairy Korčula – Orebić

19:20-20:20              On the road to Prapratno

20:30                          Fairy Prapratno – Sobra (Mljet)

Tuesday 24/6/2014


07:00                          Filming the hotel before breakfast, sunrise

08:00-8:30                On the boat to Odissey’s cave

08:30-9:30                Filming from the sea and inside

9:30-10:30                Legend about St. Paul

13:00-14:30              Lunch

14:30-15:30              Big Lake, Rt Coral

16:55- 18:35             Fairy  Polače – Dubrovnik

18:35- 20:35             Going to Villa Antonio, Orebić

21:00                          Dinner – room with the balcony and sea view

Wednesday 25/6/2014


07:00                          Filming the hotel

09:00                          About the Wall of Ston, Story about Salt


13:30                          Lunch at Konoba

15:30-16:30              Legend about King Norin

18:00-19:00             Museum Vid

20:00                          Dinner at Villa Antonio

Thursday 26/6/2014


07:00                          Elite Travel boat, Touristar flag and bags

08:30-10:30              From Orebic to Dubrovnik by

10:30- 11:30             Dubrovnik city walls from the boat

11:30-12:30              Legend about St. Vlaho  and Richard the Lion Heart

12:30-14:00            * SURPRISE – Acting, since we’re looking at it, we can do it by ourselves, Cursed Island – Lokrum – We will act


14:30-16:20              Lunch in Lanterna Restaurant

16:20-16:50              Boat to Mlini-Cavtat

16:50-17:10              On the way to Cavtat cave, Legend about St. Ilar

17:10-18:10              Filming the cave

18:10-18:30              On the way to the boat

18:30-19:30              Filming the burning dragon on the beach in Mlini

19:30                          Back to Karaka and filming Pirates attack, Goodbye party and dinner