Discover Croatia

What is Discover Croatia?

When we started with this project we had a clear vision described in the name Croatia: Croatian Regions Of Adventure, Traveling, Imagining and Attractions.
After first season, 12 members of the crew and 24 days on the road, we have lots of footage which prove all that we said in our slogan. Today you can see just one part of it in short episodes that we made until now. You will find them on the link below.

But we didn’t explained what is really important, and that is: In this show we invited 5 foreign tourists, traveled with them through Croatia and gave them opportunity to discover history, heritage, gastronomy and have been a wonderful hosts to them. We made them very important part of our show: Discover Croatia – Exploring Route.

Today we are working on post produciton for second season with theme Legends of Croatia. You will find out more on our web site. They are amazing, but no one filmed them before. Great stories, but untold. Keep in touch. Discover them…

Discover Croatia Season I

Discover Croatia Season II