Violetta Teetor introduced Croatian men to the world

“Each and every one of Croatian men is a gentle man who’ll carry your suitcase, help you out of the bus, do all those niceties that too many men under the age of 30 have either given up on or never learnt.“

When more than one year ago, the Agency Dhar media and Touristar TV started recording tourist series Discover Croatia – Exploring Route, amonge five tourists / journalists / bloggers who were invited on an exciting journey through Croatia, a place was taken by Violetta Teetor. The fact that the goal was to discover Croatia it was enough for Violetta to pack her bags. But even despite the fact that she has a restless soul of a curious traveler, we believe that she wasn’t prepared for the beauty, palatal pleasures and new friendships that was waiting for her in Croatia. Hyvää matkaa Violetta.

Foto: Touristar TV

This all but ordinary South African woman with an address in Helsinki says for herself that she is a traveler with intention, which fosters a love of life, new people and places. With a filled desire to write about what she sees, whom she meet, about the scents, food and people was not difficult to become an traveler expert, as she is. Then again, with so many heart possessions, fun spirit, smiling face and with no hesitation for trying out the new things, it’s easy to conclude that it was unquestionable.

Foto: TouristarTV

Through days and days of traveling Croatia, according to Violettas blogs, there is little to say that she just discovered a new, to many unknown country. Magical places which she visited were accompanied by beautiful sentences and sighs of fascination. Unspoiled nature, magnificent scenes, the food because of which you never want to stop eating, then people and wonderful friendships that have become the crown of this adventure is just part of her impressions of our beautiful country.

Foto: Touristar TV

Foto: Touristar.TV

She really saw a lot. Knin fortress, olive oil, Davor Gobac, rakija, drive on Jarun Lake, pies and Samograd cave are just some of the details on which Violette concluded that is truly a special piece of the world. And for the male part of Croatian population she had only words of praise. As she explained herself, they fascinated her: “Each and every one of them is a gentle man who’ll carry your suitcase, help you out of the bus, do all those niceties that too many men under the age of 30 have either given up on or never learnt.“.

Foto: TouristarTV

She concluded that we are interesting interlocutors, witty, that we respect nature that surrounds us and keep it clean. All prospective visitors she „send a message“ that in Croatia they will not be hungry and advised diet before coming to our country because a few extra pounds can hardly be avoided, due to local cuisine. To lick your fingers. Literally.

Through her ​​experiences and words she described them, one can easily be overtaken by thoughts „ indeed, this Croatia is magnificent”, and if we didn’t live here we would already be on our way to that colorful piece of paradise.

Violetta’s blog: http://foreignfinn.com/

Foto: Touristar TV

Josipa Šola