David Icke is back in Zagreb

December 3rd, Congress Centre of the Zagreb Fair, David Icke Megasession

Two years after the weekend marathon visited by more than 2,000 people, and three years after it was sold out over capacity at the first Zagreb! Festival, and after a dozen of new and seemingly unconnected events – beatifications, decapitations, weddings, wars, crisis and catastrophes – that have shifted the world, Davide Icke is coming to Zagreb again.
Only a day before Croatian parliamentary elections, on 3 December in the Congress Centre of the Zagreb Fair a new 10-hour megasession will take place (with three 30-minute breaks), starting at 10.00 a.m.
As an addition to his previous lecture in Zagreb available on DVD (produced by Discovery film & video), in his biggest auditorium so far,Icke will, in a full-day lecture, using more than 1,200 pictures, documents and illustrations, give an insight to the background of current events, their historical sources and consequences that are evident in our region. He will present a dedicated overview of Croatian accession to the EU, the increase of monitoring and control, mass manipulation and «global dictatorship».