Celebrate the Day of the Center of the World – Ludbreg

Look at the map of the world and try to determine where is the center of the world. If you don’t know, even if you try to squint in one eye in order to sharpen your eyesight, I doubt it it will help 🙂 But the fact is, if you like to be in the center of attention go to Ludbreg because everyone are in the center there, the center of the world.

Foto: radio-varazdin.hr

You always wondered who is in the center of the world at this very moment? Where do you have to go so you could tell that you were in a place where the whole earth was spinning around you? Egomaniacs, curious ones and for the world travelers next destination is Croatia, more precisely the place which is written by the name Ludbreg.

“The city of miracles and legends‘ as some call it, is located in Varazdin County in the northwest of Croatia and is considered the center of the world. How many cities are located on concentric circles whose center is in Ludbreg, on the main square there is a point that represents the center of the world. Ludbreg one of the oldest places in the country, is the town that developed at the intersection of all important routes. The unusual name that induces various funny derivative follows the legend of the fortress on one of many Kalnik hills.Wife of a commander who every day went out on the ramparts for a walk, on one of her walks noticed a batch of Turks as they approached the town. Frightened woman from great fear, as a Turk approached the rampart, hands tremble, she screamed and fainted, and from her hands her child fall out and rolled down the slope. Turk who stood under the walls grabbed the child and ran with him into the woods, and the woman after realizing what happened pronounced a curse: ” Damn that crazy hill! ”. So Ludbreg got it’s name. Or by another legend, that it was named after its founder nobleman Ludbring who founded him the year 1100 on his return from the crusades. Although he called the place by its name, with usage it transformed into Ludbreg.

Either way, people from Ludbreg every year on April 1st celebrate birthday of Ludbreg, Town day, a Day of the center of the world. On that day on the floor of the main town square every year they add one tile with the name of one world’s square, and the celebration cake is served to all visitors born on that day.

Not only that is located in the center, Ludbreg boasts a wonderful architectural sights – Baroque castle Batthyany and miraculous healings. In this representative baroque residence there is the Chapel of St. Cross where back in 1411, occurred a miraculous event of appearance of the Holy Blood of Jesus, because of which Pope Leo X in 1513 declared Ludbreg a sanctuary. The story states that during the liturgy, the priest who doubted the truth of the words ” This is my body … ” and ” This is my blood … ” in the cup came real blood. The priest put the liquid from the chalice in a glass jar that he hide. He never spoke about the event until he was near death when he admitted what had happened and gave the fluid to the priests of the parish church of St. Trinity. Since then, as the story say, everybody wanted to see the tangible sign of God’s presence and have started happening miraculous healings so the number of visitors is increasing each year.

Josipa Celinić