VIDEO: What do Croatia and Finland have together, except Discover Croatia show?

All these reasons were enough for us, so we will go to Helsinki again, film Discover Croatia – Gastronomy, and after that, probably to film the whole Finland.

It was really hard to make a short video about Helsinki, but we did it. Violetta Teetor, our friend, amazing woman, full of energy, open and kind showed Helsinki to us. She is not from Finland, she is South African, but she lives in Helsinki for past 30 years. We have met in Discover Croatia – Exploring Route show and we are very glad that she applied. 🙂

Our trip to Finland happened because we will film Croatian Gastronomy dinner party there, for some Violetta’s journalist friends in David’s (David Patrick Doughan) place, where we dined. David is from Ireland, and he works as freelance professional cook. He didn’t prepare anything Finish, because I am vegetarian (no eggs), but that wasn’t challenging to him.  Although, we can’t wait to introduce Croatian cuisine to David.

But, let me tell you a story from the beginning. Scandinavian people are shy, as Violetta says. She even wrote one article about it and the best argument you can find in it is: “We’ve already got enough friends”. (Read article) I smile to that, but also say cheers, because there are many things in this country you would like. Maybe there is few oddities but it is worth to go there. These are my short impressions and the rest is in the video.

Foto: TouristarTV

Finnish sauna. Almost every building in Helsinki has it. They do sauna every day. Croats drink coffee – Finns enjoy in the hot air at 80 degrees. After few minutes of sauna, you go outside on +3 degrees just in towel. To drink beer, of course.

Social responsibility. You wouldn’t dare to drive in the tram without a ticket. Well, you can, but if someone catches you, you will be ashamed. Finns aren’t disobeying rules. They love order and respect law.

Foto: TouristarTV

Life is expensive there. It is better to buy an apartment then rent it. It is double price for renting it. Anything you buy you would think that prices are too high. For example: One soup on the  Market’s is 8,5 Euro or you pay 20 Euro for one beer. But they respect Finnish labors. You won’t find many “Made in China” things to buy there. The work of locals is appreciated and you can actually live from what you earn, even with this big prices. Average salary is 2000 Euros.

Foto: TouristarTV

Helsinki reminds me of Zagreb. Walking through the old part of the city is like walking through Ilica street. 🙂 Check the video.

But at 3pm in November is already dark. They probably drink too much because of that.

Lots of outside playgrounds during the winter become places for skating, and it is not too cold.

Finns have culture of exercising. They run every morning even if it snows (we have proof on video), and in the gyms.

Foto: TouristarTV

If you like meat, you can try salmon in every way there is. Also reindeer or maybe a bear. If you love caviar, there is plenty of it. But you won’t find great coffee there. Croatia has much better coffee. 🙂

All these reasons were enough for us, so we will go to Helsinki again, film Discover Croatia – Gastronomy, and after that, probably to film the whole Finland. 🙂

– Lea Brezar