Croatia at the dinner table

Of which can you be full-fed when you visit Croatia, read in this article…

You know that by coming to Croatia you’ll be full-fed by lovely sceneries and beautiful nature, but that you’ll talk to your friends about the tastes you’ve met along the way, that is still to be discovered because Croatia at the dinner table is – a true hedonistic paradise.

Croatian cuisine is heterogeneous, and for this reason known as regional cuisine, for every part of Croatia has its own culinary traditions. Continental cuisine has more in common with the Austro-Hungarian cuisine and somewhere Turkish. On the Croatian Adriatic are visible influences of the ancient and Illyrian cuisine, and later Mediterranean cuisine, especially the Italian and French.

Croatian continental cuisine is characterized by a more complex preparation and a number of more nutritious foods and foods such as all types of meat, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products and eggs. The cuisine of the Croatian Adriatic clearly defined points of contact with the ancient and Illyrian cuisine and by their expression of the typical Mediterranean cuisine as well as Italian and French cuisine. Coastal cuisine and the cuisine of Croatian islands is primarily based on fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables and olive oil.

If on one of yours journeys through Croatia you stop and dine in a restaurant with traditional cuisine of continental Croatia, you could find all kinds of delicacies on your plate – lamb, suckling pig, stuffed sauerkraut (sarma), stewed vegetables with rice (sataraš), bean stew, goulash, pasta with sauerkraut (krpice sa zeljem), pumpkin strudel (bučnica), duplings with cottage cheese (štrukli), kulen sausages, bacon, cracklings (čvarci), sausages, sauerkraut, polenta, cottage cheese with sour cream, custard pastries (kremšnite), crepes, donuts, strudels.

Further south in Croatia, you will satisfy your palate with tasteful menus typical for that region – beef stew (pašticada), sautéed shellfish (buzara), clams, sardines, squid, pasta (fuži) in various ways, game, smoked ham, Swiss chard, mature cheese from Pag or Livno, fritters, fried dough (kroštule), flan (rožata)…

Mmmmm, divine!