Knight game for the chosen one – Sinjska Alka

Are you an adult? Were you born in the Cetina region? You did not? Sorry, then you will just watch Sinjska Alka.

The town of Sinj is the center of Sinj area, and thus the Cetina region. It is the most recognizable, both domestic and foreign tourists by knight game – Sinjska Alka (VIDEO) which is held in Sinj in a sign of victory over the Turkish invaders in the 18th century.


UNESCO protected intangible heritage of competition even 300 years old celebrated the town of Sinj (VIDEO) and made it a place that cherishes tradition and celebrate victory, and the number of tourists and media attention is growing, especially in August.

Over the years Sinj had no peace because the desire for his winning was great. After the turbulent events of conquest, attempts of conquest and banishes from Sinj, in 1715 the Turks conquer of Sinj almost succeeded. After that, the focus was not on peace but on careful preparation violent offensive. So in the summer of 1715. Mehmed Pasha and his numerous army crossed Dinara. They separated, one part of the army captured Vrlika and the other surrounded Sinj. Onslaught began on 8 August. The Turks were firing guns without stopping so the walls began to weaken. Only 700 soldiers, a few families and monks prayed before the image of Mary for help, terrified listening to the exclamations of thousands of soldiers who were trying to conquer the fortress. After seven long days and nights the siege and storming, Turks were beaten in the night between August 14 and 15 on the day of the Our Lady and there wasn’t a Turk you could see around Sinj. Believing that it was Our Lady that gave the necessary strength and courage to the defenders of Sinj and in memory of the famous Our Lady’s victory over the Turks emerges the knight game Sinjska Alka.

In this historic city an important place in the city peculiarities belongs to the Church of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj – awesome building of academic sculptor Stipe Sikirica, which dominates the city’s main square. Resisting wars and earthquakes church retained its original appearance until today, and apart from it, in the hearts of the people of Sinj and the church is the image of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj work of an unknown artist from the 15th or 16th century.

In Sinj, a town known for its beautiful fountains, everyone can find something for himself. Researchers may enjoj the fortress Kamičak which was built back in 1712, which has an interesting tower with a clock that rings every three minutes before the full hour. Then Museum of Cetina newly Alka Palace and rera – popular railway line who until 50-years ago connected Sinj to Klis and Split (VIDEO). That’s not all, lovers of the most important secondary thing in the world will entertain the fact that in the Cetina region played first football in Europe.

City of pride, knight games and the coolest guys is worth a visit, isn’t it?

See for yourself through our video about Sinj and Alka, have a safe journey and welcome to our country 🙂