Filming of the series Centuries Old Tales begins: Story about pelinkovac

Dhar media and TouristarTV in April 26, 2015 start shooting another series in a row (Discover Croatia-Exploring route and Legends of Croatia) whose theme centennial brands proud of its long tradition in the domestic and foreign markets.

Finnish journalist / blogger Violetta Teetor again in Croatia, this time meeting with the CENTURIES-OLD TALES.

Dhar Media and TouristarTV will start filming on 26 April 2015 another series (after the success of Discover Croatia-Exploring Route and Legends of Croatia), where focus will be on centennial brands proud of their long tradition in both national and international scenarios.

“Centuries-Old Tales” is a travel documentary series that will, in a few episodes, tell the story about brands which origins go back more than one hundred years, and some of them date back to the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Story about Pelinkovac

The filming will start in one of the oldest hotels in Zagreb, from which the story will take us to the Museum of the City of Zagreb where one of the first bottles of Pelinkovac is located nowadays. The Pelinkovac Antique, produced on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of Badel, is a replica of that bottle and its original label. After we leave the Zagreb City Museum, the filming will continue in Badel 1862 premises in Vlaška street, and in the factory in Žitnjak where the journalist and blogger Violetta will get familiar with the traditional production of one of the oldest beverages in Croatia – the Pelinkovac bitter.

A part of the screenplay:

“We are going back in time, 150 years, to the 19th century, to very beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Croatia, and we meet a man who is ahead of his time, the chemist Franjo Pokorny, whose invention already at that time gained worldwide fame. Pelinkovac was present at the court of the Emperor Franz Joseph, and became a regular accompaniment to dinner meals. In early morning hours the carriage is on the way and brings the case full of Pelinkovac bitter… Franjo Pokorny himself delivers this magic liqueur to the door…



“We in Badel 1862 are very proud of our rich history and our traditional products. It is Badel Pelinkovac one of the products that dates back to the 19th century, in times of the well-known Franjo Pokorny (as well as the Badel Prima Brandy). We are proud of it also because we have managed to maintain its original quality, so even nowadays it is produced as in the past, using curative herbs, with its own maceration, without any preservatives or artificial flavours. Such true and natural Badel Pelinkovac we want to present and offer to our guests during tourist season, to those who haven’t yet tasted it or bought it in their countries.“- said Željko Jelić, Badel 1862’s PR manager.

“The tradition that has been preserved through Croatian brands is another tourism product that Croatia should use in the promotion of its destinations. On the wings of entrepreneurial initiatives, this tradition enshrined itself in a dozen of brands that today dominate the Croatian market, and given the fact that many of them boost the protected geographical indication, we believe those are an important part of the tourism promotion. Today it is an essential part of tourism presentation of each country, so the Dhar Media team for TouristarTV decided to film a series of documentaries, starting with the story about Pelinkovac. “- said Lea Brezar, director of Dhar Media.

violetta teetor

”Travelling far and wide like I’ve done, you come to realize that most spots on earth are noteworthy, newsworthy and worthy of praise for their beauty and sights. But the one thing that always changes one’s mind from being a mere observer to actually becoming involved, is the people-factor. You can eat the best food in the world, drink the finest wine, see the most spectacular scenery but if someone is rude to you or treats you with disrespect as a tourist, your mind’s made up. You hesitate going back when the opportunity arises. If the locals are just so-so, well, you might or might not. But when humour and genuine charm and hospitality are the other of the day, these are the kinds of places you tend to go back to, time after time.

And that’s why I’m counting the hours to see my dear friends at Dhar Media to be part of Centuries Old Tales and meet the people of Croatia once more, just to make sure I was right the first time around. “- said Violetta Teetor.

– said Violetta Teetor.