Satisfy your palate at the Festival of Lošinj Cuisine

Are you planning to escape a few days at sea before the holiday? Do you like the seductive traditional cuisine? The place for you is Lošinj – there from May 1 to 31, you can pamper your palate at the Festival of Lošinj Cuisine.

Foto: croatia.hr

All those who visit the island of Lošinj from 1 to 31 May 2015, will be able to enjoy the gastronomic dishes and original and authentic cuisine of the island, within Festival of Lošinj Cuisine. In addition to 20 restaurants from the area of island who are ​​participating in the event, participation also report captains from Lošinj with the presentation of their dishes called ‘With Lošinj Sails Around the World’. To the curiosities of the event, except the location, will contribute a number of accompanying events such as seminars about aromatic cuisine, wine presentations, degustations, the final celebration on the square and others.

In response to all the spices and flavors of the island’s food it is important to note that the Kvarner island Lošinj is also called the island of vitality. This desirable tourist destination its beginnings in tourism links to health tourism because of favorable and benevolent climate and vegetation of the island. Name of climatic spa adorns this seductive destination of Lošinj archipelago, which is located at the intersection of the waves of Istria, Kvarner (VIDEO) and Dalmatia (VIDEO). The magic oasis of rich and preserved natural beauty at first glance wins every visitor because there is easiest to find peace and beauty in the landscape. This wooded island tells many interesting stories, and clear sea, the seabed rich in flora and fauna has been recognized by dolphins. The encounter them in Lošinj sea is magnificent, and well as usual.

For all these reasons we advise you – come to Lošinj and let your visit be magnificent, but also become common 🙂