As soon as you walk into Trget you feel like you’ve entered a little bigger family.


I welcome you on the Bridge of Raša and I open my heart to you. I commence a story with the river Raša which was the border between Histra and Liburna, or between Italy and Dalmatia. Now this is quite neglected river 49.8 km long that extends from the left underground river basin streams Pazinčica and Boljunčica all the way to the Adriatic Sea next to Trget. Today I want to guide you along Rasa Bay and show you where brackish water occurs and what it is there in this Trget for me so special and enchanting. We arrive to Bršica, the port from which it is nowadays transported wood, stones and livestock. I recount you a story that my grandfather told me: Bršica was once very modern port, specialized in coal mines that are dug in mines in Raša and Labin. Bršica the unprecedented results achieved during the thirties of the last century, on the eve of World War II when the Port Bršica delivered approximately one million tons of coal. At one time Bršica was one of the best ports in Italy, better was only the port in Genova. We arrive to Bršica. On the right side we see how the river flows into the sea and exchanges its colors. This is where brackish water arises and it’s nice to watch the swans that swim on the border of the sea and yet always held the river. I imagine to dive and watch curiously how fish manage on the sweet salty border. Narrow road enters us in Trget, on the right side is the sea and lots of little boats that are swinging carefree. Here as if time had stopped. As soon as you walk into Trget you feel like you’ve entered a little bigger family.

Trget has about 45 residents, on the waterfront two old fishermen recounted their night’s catches, they may look like they are going to pick a fight, but I am explaining that these are actually two best friends. Trget is named after ‘trgetarenje’, transport of goods and passengers from one side of the channel to the other. On the boardwalk there are two restaurants. One prefers fish dishes while the other offers authentic Istrian specialties.I find it hard to recommend you something because I really can not decide between buzara with shrimp, ‘pljukanci’ with asparagus, pasta with truffles, or gnocchi with our Istrian ‘boškarin’. Let me show you a little mascot of the place, it is Tom the cat who is sitting on the beach below the store and waiting for someone to cast a piece of bread into the sea, patiently waiting for the fish to come nearer and then he deftly catches them with his paw. No one dares to say it but I think that sometimes the most experienced fishermen are jealous of Tom.

Trget has several sandy beaches, on them even in the mid-summer is not too crowded which is an advantage over the big tourist spots. These beaches keep the secrets of first kisses, first friendships, and first farewells.

Also, on Trget is located the ruin of the Church of St. Jurja with the apse, which is recognizable.

It’s hard to put into words why I love Trget so much, but there I learned how to swim, I met my first love, and the accelerated pace of life did not touched that little humble place. I’m lucky to live within walking distance of this “gem“.

– Barbara Milevoj