Celtic night

Visit Sisak on 8th September 2012 at 8 pm and experience Celtic night! It will thrill you!

In the first days of September during the new Moon phase, along the Kupa river Promenade, a usual gathering spot for Sisak residents and their guests, the Celtic night takes place. Along the left bank of the Kupa, against which the city center is leaning on and between the two Sisak bridges, thousands of people gather in order to proudly relive an hour of history in the open space, on this river which has always meant life for Sisak.

A number of Sisak legends will be portrayed in pictures on floats (pontoons) that will sail along the Kupa from the New Bridge to the Old Bridge.  Fairies and warriors will dance to the rhythm of drums, while druids and Celtic priests will be handing out miraculous potions along the shore. The river Kupa between New Bridge and Vrbine is the stage, while the audience is situated on Roman street along the Promenade.

From the night and into the light of torches and spotlights paintings emerge, each one tied to a mysterious legend of Sisak, each one with its own story and heroes. Costumed and specially made characters from books and legends, precious possessions of the memories of Sisak, with the voices that explain, remind and revive all that belongs to us and is inherited by us, all which is left to the generations that follow, that which instead of us tells the ˝Celtic Night˝. The glorious history of the city which broke its invaders, stopped incursions, rose against the powerful, but has also left a lasting memorial in the culture of the Croatian people.