Johnny’s place

Welcome to Johnny’s place! Discover who is Johnny and visit his beautiful place!

Welcome to the home of famous Casanova from Šibenik, Đani Dragičević, better known as Johnny or Blacky, who easily seduced beautiful foreigners with his youth, beauty and charm. Experience the spirit of past times while staying in this beautiful location in the center of Šibenik. This unique location with beautiful overview of the Cathedral and Adriatic sea will give you more than just a simple vacation. Enjoy the good, local cuisine, visit locations that have been marked by constant Johnny’s adventures, hike around Šibenik and experience beautiful surroundings, enjoy the national park Krka and return home filled with unforgettable and unique experience. We are sure that you also won’t be able to resist the charm of Johnny, Casanova from Šibenik and Croatian lover without competition.

creative ambience ideal for individual seeking – atelier – working space • Internet Wi-Fi / WLAN, hi-fi, dvd • work desk • Families Welcome • Great for Groups • Breakfast & Dinner available (we prepare and serve old dalmatian specialites) • City Centre Accommodation • Boutique Accommodation

Who’s Johnny?
Beautiful women often couldn’t resist the charms of handsome, dark hared Casanova from Šibenik who operated in ‘permanently unemployed status.’ He was local seducer charmer and ladies’ man, often pretending to be captain who is waiting to get money from his company and “money it is just about to come”. Ivo – Blacky, Johnny was very creative and he found various ways to cope for a life without work or hard effort. He spent his winters in jail since summer times were reserved for charming and playing with sweet ladies and living on other people expense and stupidity!

Beautiful foreigners believed this courteous gentleman and they borrowed him money and paid for him in restaurants and nightclubs. He charmed them so well that at their parting they would weep that „they will never forget him“. For the future correspondence he gave them the address of the District Prison in Šibenik. Often, as false land surveyor, he visited nearby villages and he measured land where supposedly a big road should pass. He borrowed the instruments and he and his friend would measure land in villages. Astonished villagers would be wondering what they are doing. “Well, the road will pass through this land and the municipality will pay well for it”, juggled Johnny. Villagers rushed and bagged Johnny to measure a little bit to the left or little bit to the right so that „road would pass just through their land.“ They would reward this false land surveyor and after a good dinning he would also receive a pair of young chickens, eggs, cheese, turkey and sometimes ham. Johnny would „pleased“ everyone and gather food for a month or two. All that lasted for a while until police came, took and detained him. When he was released from calaboose he said that he was on business trip.

With his friend Marinko, who drove him as his personal driver, he often went to the airport or railway station, picked and welcomed beautiful foreigners that suited him, and offered them transport to the hotel. He stayed with them all day drinking and eating on their expenses and his „driver“ Marinko would wait for him. At the end of the day Johnny would despair and the lady friend had to pay for everything. Johnny was the best known as ‘Casanova’ from Šibenik, lover who was irresistible to young ladies. He had no competition; he seduced them with his charm and good looks. Beautiful foreign ladies were attracted to him and his good looks and happily supported his life. He was insatiable. He won ladies at first glance ever since his early youth and this became his chosen lifestyle until the end of his life. That was Johnny, great man, lover, permanently unemployed or should we say employed for certain time by lovely foreign ladies. During the summer time beautiful blondes were on his arm the whole time and they were happy to support him financially and pay well for his ‘services’, while in winter times he earned his food and place for sleep in a lockup.