3 things without which you must never go traveling

Advices from a man who traveled the world before he turned 40.

shutterstock_243084559 (1024x681)Gunnar Garfors visited all 198 countries of the world before his 37 birthday, which is impressive enough. The most useful things are details that the most of us just don’t pay attention to, says portal poslovni.hr.

Although everybody expected that this world traveler has a very complicated rules to go traveling, he discovers that three very simple and accessible things – a printed itinerary, small notebook and pencil were very helpful in his travels. His itinerary included all the details, from the address of the hotel where he would stay to the exchange office in which he would be able to change money into the currency of the country he’s visiting. Garfors explains why these three things are vital to any journey:

1. To carry a piece of paper is safer than carrying a laptop or iPad
A foreigner who is traveling with costly devices such as mobile phone, iPod or laptop attracts trouble. There is a high probability that they will try to steal it, and if it’s not stolen, they will at least try to overcharge for some of the services. For example, Garfors says although everyone has a laptop or iPad, if you visit some of the poorer countries, don’t pull gadgets out of the bag in the taxi because almost twice as expensive ride is guaranteed. Garfors also had problems at the airport in India when he showed an electronic ticket, which they refused to accept, because it was not printed. So he was forced to return to the city and print it out so he could continue his journey. After that, he always prints his ticket so that he would’t repeat nuisance from India.

2. You can meet people who don’t speak English
Garfors always carries a small notebook in case he meet people who don’t speak English, because in that case he draw’s what he wants to say. He asserted that once when he was in Iran he had to draw the order in a restaurant so that he and his brother could eat what they wanted. Although he is not talented for drawing, eventually they managed to understand each other and in the end they got what they ordered.

3. If you don’t have a pen, you lose precious time
According to Garfors, many countries which he visited are asking the tourists to fill required forms while entering the country. He points out that this process always prolongs if you don’t have your own pencil at hand because you’ll have to wait for the person next to you to fill it in order to borrow his later.