‘Riders’ who tamed the wind

A kite is a tethered object with surfaces that react with a fluid (water, air, gas, plasma) to create lift and drag; often the result is flying in air or water of the wing parts of a kite. That’s the definition and the impression is hard to communicate. That’s why we bring you this story, the story of the kite riders by portal www.kamonaizlet.hr. Read about the kite surfers on Neretva river who – compete with nature.

Kiteboarding-Komin-Neretva-1-nAn idyllic place where the maestral wind blows till late in the evening, where the sea and the river kiss, small and irresistible ‘colony’ in which the fans of water sports meet – the beautiful Neretva delta.

Neretva confluence in fact, is becoming more and more popular ‘spot’ which is visited by kitesurfing lovers like Slovenians, Italians, Hungarians…

This is a place to which you will come by a narrow road along the river and reeds, between the plantations and the channels, and after a winding road you’ll see a sandy beauty decorated with ‘colorful’ kites. The beach with vast shoals, and small makeshift beach bar made of wood and cane is a place like in adventure films where you want to stay.Ušće-Neretve-91

Passionate lovers of kitesurfing skillfully use the maestral wind blowing tirelessly at this point, maneuvering ‘dragons’ and doing tricks in the air while the swimers, especially children, watch them amazingly from the shallow sandy beaches. Local fisherman at the top of the confluence are trying to catch big fish, while the charming foreign family splatter along the side close to the sandbar that stretches far into the deep sea. That is the picture which you can often find in this special place that is becoming more known, which we would like to keep, quite jealousely, to ourselves.

The story of the kiteboard, as locals call it ‘Kominska confluence’ began nine years ago.

It all started spontaneously, the first wooden beach bar ‘no name’ was built on the beach, without any vision that there could arise a kiteboarding center, because there were no kiters then. With the arrival of the first foreign kiter, now our close friend, the thinking about the Neretva delta as a kite destination as well as the club began’, the founders of Kiteboarding club Komin – Neretva say.

And now, nine years after, the Neretva confluence is a famous kite center in European circles and beyond. The beach has never been cleaner and with so much content – beach bar, kiteboarding school, beach volleyball, all thanks to the Kiteboarding Komin and the local government and the county on the recognition and support of the project. There had been a national competition in two categories: Course Race (surfing on the board in the regatta field) and freestyle (tricks in the air).

More and more students are going to the Kite school, and although the most frequent participants are those of middle age and younger people in their twenties, there are also children. The youngest student for now is a 12 year old boy. The confluence is unstoppably rising in the European and the Croatian map of hit destinations for water sports, and it’s not surprising that in a nearby pine forest there are more campers, who have found their own corner of pleasure in nature exactly where the deep green river merges with the sea, where is located one of the longest sandy beaches, where brave riders of wind have decorated the sky with colorful kites. That ‘Spot’ is going to soon, as one blogger wrote, ‘explode for the kite scene’.

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