Hotel villa Kazbek, Dubrovnik

The history of the luxury hotel villa Kazbek is rich and complex, just as the middle-age city in which it is located.

If you wish to experience the Dubrovnik life from the period of its nobles, the Kazbek villa is the perfect choice. It is situated on the Lapad coast, only 3 kilometres from the Dubrovnik old city centre. The Marina located in front of the Kazbek hotel is useful for the guests who are interested in sailing and visiting numerous nearby islands.


The history of the Kazbek villa is rich and complex, just as the middle-age city in which it is located. It is a story of glory and negligence, pride and robbery, of a phoenix that rises from the ashes. It was built in 1573 by a Dubrovnik aristocratic family Zamanja as a place for peaceful moments and relaxation, but the turbulent history assigned it a different role. In 1806 the aggressors had completely destroyed it and put it on fire, leaving only the bare shell of the building standing. In World War The aggressors used the building as a detention centre, and after the war it was confiscated and used as warehouse and later as school. When Croatia became independent, the villa was given back to its owners, but after years of bas maintenance and negligence it was in terrible conditions. After that, it had changed numerous owners before it was acquired by a Swedish company Välinge Invest, and gave it its former splendour and fame.


If walls could only speak, what stories they could tell about Kazbek! Each room is a work of art and each one has its own special story. Being proud of the individuality of the rooms made them remain unique; each room has its own coat of arms taken from the long history of families from Dubrovnik. Kazbek is now a harmony of the past and the present, a combination of historic elegance and modern life.


The Kazbek hotel has high standards and it is highly respected among guests – the comfort with 26 beds in 12 rooms and one suite. All accommodation units offer a luxury service and are equipped with “smart room” systems with air conditioning, SAT & PAY TV system, mini bar, Wi-Fi and handmade high quality furniture. Besides renting single rooms, it is possible to rent an entire floor or the entire hotel. The whole Kazbek area is smoke free environment.


All hotel services are tailor-made in order to meet the requirements of each guest, having at disposal the following: an outdoor pool, three restaurants, two bars and a fully equipped conference hall. The sailboat (Hallberg Rassy, 53’, 12 people) is available for daily excursions, as well as the powerboat (Ragusa 1000, 12 people).


Kazbek offers a rich and varied gastronomic offer of all Croatian regions, proudly presented in the best way. The regions have different cuisines and different exceptional wine types. Each guest will find its favourite dish – from the light fish specialties of the Dalmatian coast to the full flavoured meat dishes of Slavonia, as well as the vegetarian dishes. The exceptional ambience of the restaurant with the stone ceiling creates a restful and historical atmosphere.

Visit Hotel villa Kazbek’s website: www.kazbekdubrovnik.com