Lika-Senj County

Welcome to Lika-Senj County!

The diverse cultural heritage greatly contributes to the mosaic appearance of Lika-Senj County. It is further highlighted by the differences in dialect, physical monuments and traditional heritage between the continental part, the Littoral (Primorje) and the Island of Pag.

This entire region is characterised by layered historical development, with physical traces of prehistoric civilisation to today. Lika and Podgorje are dominated by sacred and profane monuments from the Military Frontier period, besides which you can also find layers of older cultures:  the centre of medieval Glagolitic literature of Krbava, Senj, Kosinja, the rich antiquity heritage of Senj and Ilyrian culture of Gacka. They are further complemented by specific cultural and historic monuments from the Velebit peak zone: “stone writing” in Begovača and fossilised agricultural landscape in Mirevo Bay, which are a testament to the centuries old residence of Littoral and Lika herders.

The most significant historical monuments of the northern part of Pag Island, which has from the beginning of the 15th century to the end of the 18th century developed under Venetian rule, originate from Roman times: Talijanova buža, Roman aqueduct, remains of the town of Cissae destroyed and sunk in the earthquake in the 4th century and early Christian and early Croatian periods.

This layered historical development of the County synthesised in the urban shaping of Senj, the coastal city museum, one of the most prominent national cultural centres of the Middle Ages.

In the area Velebit Nature Park and in great part in National Park North Velebit, there is an entire range of different structures – apartments, springs, ponds, water tanks, churches, chapels, underground wells, etc, many of which are planned on being protected as cultural objects of significance.