Restaurant “Nova”, Zagreb

Restaurant Nova makes natural vegan cuisine tasteful, various and entertaining and encourages its guests to eat with joy.

About us

Restaurant Nova, located at the centre of Zagreb, on the first floor of 72 Ilica street near the “Britanac” square, is becoming a popular destination for both curious tourists and businessmen, but also for passers-by searching for a break from everyday life. Other than everyday dishes Makroplata and Chef’s Choice, today it offers a number of various and delicious dishes which really can satisfy tastes of numerous guests. Other then exquisite food prepared from organic ingredients, pleasant environment and atmosphere in which they can rest from city bustle are very important to both employees and guests. What used to be a healthy diner is now a restaurant called Nova; it has been decorated in a very simple way following Feng Shui principles.

The youngest, who come in company of their parents, are also our dear guests. We are not certain whether it is because of very multicoloured candy or merry colouring books and crayons which take them to a world of creativity.

Every cook who worked in the restaurant has been educated by the owner since the knowledge about the diet based on macrobiotics cannot be acquired in classic culinary schools. Today we are proud of our “chef”, Tvrtko, who has invested a lot of effort in preparing truly delicious meals that are a perfect blend of his preparation and ideas of Zlatko and Jadranka Boban Pejić.

Our history

Restaurant Nova is quite special because it is a fulfilment of a dream by two people who decided to make their dream come true.

Zlatko Pejić and Jadranka Boban Pejić had a dream about a little vegan restaurant with macrobiotic diet because they have lead that lifestyle for several years. From their own experience, in it they saw a better quality of future of mankind. They often thought about a non-smoking oasis at the town centre in which people would peacefully enjoy carefully chosen, whole ingredients exclusively of plant origin, prepared according to top standards of macrobiotics. Long ago, in 1991 they started offering quality, healthy meals in club restaurants of the Society for Improvement of the Quality of Life, which at the time you could only have in world capitals as New York, Paris, London…

At the very beginning the support came from a small group of visitors who enjoyed something a bit different and special on daily basis. The customers were surprised by flavours of pumpkin, tofu, algae, cereals, and other groceries which could not be tasted anywhere else. For many it was an actual “revolution” in the quality of life, health improvement, but also in enjoying natural flavours. Also for a long time, Nova used to be the only non-smoking space in Zagreb.

Our mission

Restaurant Nova makes natural vegan cuisine tasteful, various and entertaining and encourages its guests to eat with joy. It is very important to enjoy food and discover different nuances of flavours. By realizing the importance of relationship with food we transfer the joy to other aspects of life, which is quite an extraordinary challenge.


In restaurant Nova majority of groceries comes from local climate because this guarantees their quality and preserving of minerals, vitamins and other valuable ingredients. In choosing groceries which are used to make tasteful meals, attention is paid to assure that the ingredients are whole, fresh and, whenever possible, seasonal and organically grown. All necessary groceries are bought in Croatia, vegetables are bought of local eco farms, and most of them have organic origin. We are the only restaurant of this kind (vegan functioning on macrobiotic principles) in the region.

The water which is used in the restaurant is filtered, and it is cooked exclusively in quality stainless kitchenware. No frozen groceries are used in the restaurant.

Light meals at Nova will not leave you with the feeling of heaviness in your stomach; they will fill you up with energy for the rest of a busy working day.


Restaurant manager Tihana Zidanić Šakota takes care of numerous details in the restaurant, and during a crowded period will gladly serve guests and exchange a few words with them. Tvrtko Šakota, the chef of Nova, the first restaurant of natural diet functioning on principles of macrobiotics in this part of Europe, with his team of cooks and waiters will make every meal special and truly a different experience.


Every dish is prepared according to the season; it is a perfect harmony of taste and nourishing ingredients, in line with needs of modern man and with the principles of macrobiotics. The groceries which are used in preparing the dishes are seasonal and organically grown.

We can thank Tvrtko Šakota, the main chef of restaurant Nova, for the originality of dishes and particularity of their taste. In addition to a rich offer of various delicacies, what also attracts the attention of guests is a refrigeration display case with very tasteful deserts. All sweets are also made of eco-friendly ingredients and mostly sweetened with natural malt.

What makes a difference…

• Original and unique restaurant Nova.

• Vegan cuisine which meals are made of eco-friendly ingredients on the principles of macrobiotics.

• Because of active environment protection and production of eco-friendly ingredients which are used in this type of cuisine, the environment is not polluted; there is no excessive exploitation of natural energy sources and no killing of animals.


Address: Ilica 72

Telephone: +385 (0)1 4810 059

E-mail: info@novarestoran.com.hr

Web: www.novarestoran.com.hr

Open: Mon-Sat 12-22, closed on Sundays and holidays.