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”Whether you are travelling along the coast or the wine regions of continental Croatia, the untouched nature of every region is an amazingly refreshing experience for every traveller. I have explored many attractions of Croatia by visiting the most exclusive hotels, island hopping and by discovering the many secrets this country has. I think that Touristar has found those hidden treasurers and I am happy that their project is raising awareness of this beautiful country. ”  Blaženka Leib, Journalist an Editor

This story begins with the excitement about things which are exceptional in Croatian tourism, things which touch your soul, exceed all your expectations and most likely leave you breathless…
We present to you only the best,most interesting and most specific – simply different – brands owing to which your next trip will lead you to Croatia.
Last year in late summer, we were promote the first edition of theTouristar book (a guide with the motto “Where places and tastes make a difference”) which aims to single out outstanding brands from the tourist offer of our country. Besides promoting different services and places (hotels, small family hotels, family estates, restaurants, etc.), the Touristar project also emphasizes the importance of a new quality standard. In its programme, it lays the groundwork for personal development by means of spiritual-energetic transformation.
Creating a vision, motivation and unifying all the resources which exist in a team is, besides the service it offers, extremely important when it comes to creating an atmosphere for success. – We began this very year with enthusiasm and new ideas, and we will mark it with the characteristics of the best destinations, most interesting flavours, most impressive experiences…
We will finish it with about 20 brands which unquestionably offer more and with unconditional devotion – warmly and kindly… Discover them.

Second edition TOURISTAR BOOK

TOURISTAR book forewards:

I thought about what to write in this introduction for a long time. So much has happened in the year behind us, from the moment we presented the first Touristar book… We grew older and wiser, we learned how difficult and rewarding it is to build a brand. To earn the trust of our clients, to build an excellent public perception and build our foundations upon the fact that our vision for TOURISTAR is a demanding one – that it will become a synonim for the exploration of our beautiful country, become real like this book you’re holding.

Today we are fully aware how long that road is, but we are also excited to be walking it. And we are not walking it alone, as our companions are our clients and partners that joined us, gave us strenght as they became a part of this young project with a bright future. From July 2011 the TOURISTAR project is richer for yet another channel of communication: TOURISTARTV, the first and only tourist video web portal in Croatia. An idea born at a friendly meeting turned into a long and demanding project. Although the development of such a vast project never ends, we definitely closed an important chapter by supporting and following a young and ambitious journalist Ashley Colburn in her efforts to film her “Wonders of Croatia” documentary series, as can be seen in our “behind the scenes” videos and commentaries.

As I am writing this, I can’t stop thinking about those true words that great things are actually pretty simple. And when I think about how TOURISTAR was born, i smile because it was indeed like that. We just said “Why wouldn’t we…?”

Lea Brezar, director at Dhar media

I could say that I am true fan of Croatia…
I could say that I am true fan of Croatia. In fact, I love it so much that I have returned four times in the past two years. After visiting Croatia for the first time in 2009, I filmed a hit travel show titled “WOW Croatia.” The following year, this 30-minute travel show received Croatia’s Golden Pen award followed by an EMMY in the United States.

The travel bug bit me at an early age, and my “itch” to travel has taken me to more than 20 countries producing television shows, and I shall proudly say that Croatia is one of my favorites! I think there is not another country that holds as much tradition as Croatia.

he Croats are the most welcoming people I have ever met and they are the reason I never want to leave. Whether you travel along the coast or through the wine country of continental Croatia, the unspoiled beauty of each region is extremely refreshing to every traveler. I explored the country’s attractions by visiting some of the most exclusive hotels; island hopping and finding many of the secrets that the country holds. I feel that Touristar has found these hidden gems and I am excited that awareness is being brought to such an incredible country through their project. There’s many places in the world that people dream of visiting and I think there’s one place that has it all – Croatia!

Ashley Colburn, Producer, Host and Travel expert

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