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  • Wines of Zagreb County

    To all wine lovers (or wannabes), here's what Zagreb County has to offer - great wines from family wineries.

    Your Life is Full of Croatia

    Four amazing things that you didn't know about Croatia.

    A short break in hotel Osijek

    The road took us to Osijek. This time on business.

    Legend of St. John of Trogir (Cape Planka)

    Cape Planka is one specific place in Rogoznica, a natural phenomenon. This point divides the sea and the air - it geographically divides the Adriatic Sea on North and South part, but there's also a direct fight of the North and the South wind in the same spot. But there's also a legend attached to that Cape and its wild sea...

  • TouristarTV's Top 11 Croatian Sceneries

    We traveled through Croatia intending to discover all of her beauty unknown to the world. We have selected some of them and we could say that these are some of our favorites. If you are near by, visit them this summer. Or at least share them on social networks. Here's the list, in order from north to the south.

    Vodice and Prvic Island

    What does a parachute and water well have in common? Absolutely nothing :)! The first parachute ever built you can see if you go to Prvic Island, and you can make a wish in a well if you go to Vodice... so - go!

    Centuries-old Tales - Story about Pelinkovac

    Did you know that in one glass of herbal liqueur it’s possible to find amazing 150 years long tradition? An answer to this question you will find in the first episode of Centuries-old Tales, Story about Pelinkovac.

    Legend of the painting

    An old fisherman was at sea catching fish when all of a sudden he noticed an unusual light. It was a painting of Our Lady which he took home after fishing.

  • PRO-E-BIKE project

    Zadar became a pilot city for the use of electric bicycles and scooters.


  • Nearly Zero Energy Hotels

    You thought that Nearly Zero Energy Hotels didn't exist? Well, think again...


  • Wine and book

    Although the Workshop Wine and book was almost a month ago, today kinda fell into place to write this blog. Probably because it's raining today so I want to hide under a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine. Likely with the book "Dinner" of which Alis talked about on that evening gathering.


  • Croatia at the dinner table

    Of which can you be full-fed when you visit Croatia, read in this article...


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